Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
7 minutes read

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Because of our pigmented eyelids, we Indian ladies often find it very hard to get the true color of our eyeshadows. Most of the budget-friendly eyeshadows lack that intensity of pigment our dark lids need. Nowadays a lot of budget-friendly foreign brands are making nice quality makeup products in India that have rich pigmentation and variation of color. Today I am reviewing a mini eyeshadow palette from Freedom called Shade & Brighten Play Kit. The kit houses mainly vibrant and lively colors along with a highlighter shade.

Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit Review

Details about Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit

What is it?

Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit is a handbag sized mini assorted eye palette with 6 eyeshadows and a highlighter. It provides high definition formula with professional shade performance.

Price- Rs.595 for 5.6gm

Shelf Life-36 months from the date of manufacturing

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Sensitive Skin Alert?




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My Experience with Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit

Packaging- This eyeshadow palette has 7 shades that have been placed in a tiny square shaped metallic pans. 6 of the shades are kept in similar size pans while the highlighter color is kept is the comparatively large pan. The brand has provided a sponge tip applicator in the kit. The lid of the kit has a see-through window to get a clear view of the products inside without breaking the seal. The packaging is sleek and compact. It is a travel-friendly packaging but you need to be really careful not to hamper the plastic outer body of the kit.

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Shade, Texture & Pigmentation- As I mentioned before, there are 7 shimmery and satin finish shades in the palette; 6 of them are eyeshadows and the rightmost color is a highlighter. All the shades have staying power of 4-5 hours then they fade. Performance is better with a proper eye primer. For your convenience, I am numbering the shades from left to right. Let’s discuss the palette shade by shade.

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Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit Review 6

Shade-1. This is a gorgeous green shade with finely milled golden shimmers. Its texture is very smooth, blendable and not at all powdery. The shade is very pigmented. I did not expect that much pigmentation from a light shade as this. Naturally green shades do not go well with warm undertoned Indian complexions but the warm shaded glitters make this shade really flattering on our skin tone.

Shade-2. This is again an intensely pigmented shade. It is a sky blue sort of a shade with golden glitters. Like the previous one, this shade too is very blendable and has smooth creamy texture. The fallout issue is also minimal as the texture is not powdery.

Shade-3. It is a two-toned violet shade with blue glitters. The finish is satiny and the fallout issue is almost non-existent. This shade is a bit less pigmented and has medium blendability. Its pigmentation and texture can be compared to the Lakme eye quad shades.

Shade-4. This one is my favorite color from this palette. It is a cranberry shade with glimmers. The shade has a good color payoff like the first two shades and its texture is also very similar to them. This shade is a great option for party looks with traditional outfits.

Shade-5. The 5th shade of this palette is a true pink color with silver shimmers. Pigmentation is medium with this shade but the blendability is nice. The texture is smooth and quite similar to shades 1, 2 and 4.

Shade-6. This is a peacock blue shadow with a satiny finish. The color is really nice and the texture is easy to work with. But, the pigmentation, like the shade 3, is not very intense. It would have been another favorite if the color-payoff was not a drag-down.

Shade-7. This is a highlighter shade. It is a light-weight not too dramatic satiny shade. The pigmentation is great and the blending capacity is awesome. There is a perfect balance between warmth and vividness in the shade. The shade blends into my skin well and gives a naturally highlighted finish to my brow bone.

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Fragrance- All the shades of this palette are fragrance-free.

Experience- This is a good palette to have for those who are not a regular user of vibrant makeup. Al the shades are kind of party shades. Using these shades, colorful smokey eyes or other intense eye makeup looks can be created. The shades of this palette remind me of some other colorful palettes like Mermaids & Unicorns from Makeup revolution.

I am an absolute beginner in the eye makeup department. Naturally, I am in the trial and error phase and still trying to figure out what looks best on my eyes. I wanted a vibrant eye palette but most such palettes have too many shades to blow my mind. This palette has just the basic quirky colors and a highlighter. It seems enough for me to practice some statement eye looks. The pigmentation is up to the mark and the blendability is good for me. If the palette had one matte transition shade, the palette would have been complete. Overall it’s a nice palette for learning eye makeup and carrying with you in your travel purse.

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Overall Performance of Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit


  1. Vibrant colours
  2. Satisfactory colour-payoff
  3. No chalkiness and lessfallouts
  4. Blendable shades
  5. Can be used wet or dry
  6. Budget-friendly


  1. Two shades lack color intensity
  2. No transition shade

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I bought Freedom Shade & Brighten Play Kit to try my hands on some vibrant makeup looks. If I can get the best out of this palette, I would buy a bigger palette with more colors of the same genre like it. I would recommend it to beginners like me who want to get a budget eye palette with reds, greens, and blues!


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