The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review

by Litty Mathew
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Hello, Beauties,

As you all know the festive season is here. With Navratri just about to end, it will soon be time for Diwali, EId, and Christmas and then soon the New Year’s Eve. These are times when we love to dress and look our best(well next to our wedding day of course).Nowadays like many other girls, I too, have been obsessed with highlighters/ illuminators. They are just the right pop of shine needed to just lift up the look ten times better. Amidst the various highlighters I own, I could not find a perfect one for the festive season, one which would have golden tones to it but still won’t be a complete gold color and so began my quest for a new budget friendly highlighter. I then found out about this ”almost new in the market” highlighter, The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter. There is only one shade in the pro illuminate variant. Read on further to get a proper insight on the product.

The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Basic Info About The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Makeup Revolution London is a cruelty-free brand which is on point with its quality even with its drugstore price tag which makes it quite an easier option to opt for compared to many other brands available in stores as well as online. The pro illuminate highlighter is one of the best ones available in the market right now which serves the purpose of an illuminator quite well. It is a shade that would suit all skin tones, especially Indian skin tones because of the of golden undertone which comes off as a champagne gold color and matches all skin tones beautifully. It is priced at 850 INR for 15g, but since it’s the festive season you can spot it online for good deals and discounts.

SHELF LIFE- 35 months from the date of manufacturing



The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter 2

My Experience With The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter


So the first thing that comes to our notice when we see a product is its packaging. The Illuminate comes in a sturdy hard black case plastic packaging with an attached transparent hard plastic top which allows you to see the product inside without opening it. The packaging has a click shut mechanism keeping the product secure and travel-friendly. The product inside is a cool toned gold color with diamond cut detailing which makes it look quite a luxe product. It is indeed a big pan since its 15g and you get the feeling that it is worth the money you paid for. Overall the packaging is quite sturdy and it depends on person to person about it being travel-friendly since it is a big pan but personally I do feel it is.


The texture of this highlighter is very smooth and buttery to touch and also gives a smooth application. It does not accentuate the texture on your skin and is not glittery or chunky. There are very finely milled shimmer in this product but does not look shimmery or feel chunky to the touch. It glides on very smoothly on your face and does not require multiple application unless you want to build up the intensity.

The Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter 1


There is no as such fragrance to this product when you swipe it or anything unless you smell the pan directly with the whole product, in that case, you might get the ever so slight sweet smell of usual powder makeup products.


There is only one universal shade in this range of makeup revolution highlighter. Although there is a lack of shade selection, this one shade will fairly suit all skin tones, fair to medium and duskier skin tones but would not recommend it for even deeper skin tones as it is a cool toned gold, it would look lighter on them. It is equally appropriate to wear on a daily basis during the day and can be built up to an intensity appropriate for night time and also for special occasions.


The pigmentation of this product is commendable. One good swipe of the brush into the pan is enough to give a nice glow to your cheekbones but nevertheless, you can build up the glow factor with multiple swipes and it still won’t look chalky on the skin. The application looks much more blinding with some Mac fix plus or any other mist and if you could give a dab with a sponge on top of it then it would give a more natural dewy look. Even though there are very finely milled shimmer in it, it does not have any fallout all over your face or won’t budge/transfer.


The highlighter has stayed very well for a good 6-7 hours on my face without budging when I was outdoors for the whole day. It is hard for any product to stay put on your face in this humid climate of Mumbai especially when you are out and about the whole time. I did not have any proper base/foundation too for the highlight to stick onto but it still didn’t fail to impress me. Overall the staying power of the product and its payoff at the end of the day was quite impressive.


I have tested this product more than 5-6 times by now and can gladly accept that I am happy with this purchase. It does a great job in giving that everyday subtle glow to your skin and also that party glow for the nights and festive occasions. The staying power was good too since it could survive my bike rides during the day and still make me glow. This shade was something I have been searching for since I had lighter variants before and I didn’t want a pure gold highlight, hence this was the perfect in-between shade. I have never liked those highlighters which give you that glittery effect once put on your face or would look like a stripe of shimmer on your face and within a few hours your whole face looks glittery. I have always preferred highlighters which give the illusion of a dewy look and gives that glow which makes your skin look healthy and I can definitely say that the makeup revolution pro illuminates one is a good example which won’t burn your pocket and at the same time would suffice the need of a good illuminator.


  • Quantity
  • Excellent color payoff
  • Excellent staying power
  • Creamy texture, not at all chalky/glittery
  • Value for money


  • No shades for darker skin tones

Would I Repurchase Or Recommend It To Others?

Well, I do not think I would have to purchase it again anytime soon since it is going to take 2 years at least to hit pan on this product! But would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a highlighter without chunks of glitter and likes a dewy natural glow effect.

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