Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing Review

by Namara Haider
3 minutes read

Who is it for? The Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing is for those who love sparkles and glitters in makeup. It is best for those who like doing experiments and try being creative with their makeup. This is one of the best glitters that is being sold out very quickly. It available in five vibrant colors.


INR 675

It is only available online.

Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing

My experience with Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing


These glitters come in small square plastic containers, with a black screw lid on top. Few details are provided on the bottom. There is also a seal inside preventing the spillage of the product.

Sensitive skin alert:

It does give a burning sensation when applied which goes away after some time when the glitter dries off.

Color and Texture:

The ‘all or nothing’ shade is of dense silver color. While the texture is quite smooth as compared to normal glitters due to the addition of glitter glue in it.


There is a normal glitter and glue like smell to it. Which goes off after the application.


Firstly open the lid of the container and remove the seal. You will probably need a brush to take out the paste and then use the brush to apply on the desired area.


The color is shimmery and bright which is totally visible. It stays for long, once it gets dried it gives a matte finish and does not shed. It is easy to apply as it does not require glitter glue.

My experience:

Although I am not a big fan of glitters as a makeup I bought this simple silver shade which I found perfect for parties. It is easy and quick to apply and does not smudge or shed. It looks good when used as an eyeliner as well as an eyebrow. The product is also very handy.

Overall performance of Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing

  1. It is easy to apply, does not require glitter glue.
  2. It is not at all messy.
  3. The glitter quickly dries and does not shed or smudge.
  4. It stays for many hours.
  5. It is bright and flashy.
  6. This glitter paste is dense, unlike many other glitters.
  7. It is handy and travel-friendly.
  1. It is quite expensive because of being imported.
  2. It causes a burning sensation for about a minute after applying.
  3. the quantity might be an issue for few.




I would recommend this Revolution glitter paste shade – all or nothing to those who are looking for glitter that does not look too much on the face, as this is just a silver color glitter which can be used for parties and special occasion.

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