Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum Jojoba Oil Review

by Bhumika G
2 minutes read

What is it? Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum Jojoba Oil is a serum which is used to make your hair smooth, lustrous and shiny. The product is made out of jojoba oil. This product is specially created for Indian hair.


This product retails for ₹300 for 120g of product.

How to apply:
  1. Pump out a coin size amount of the serum in to your palms.
  2. Warm it up by rubbing the serum between both your hands.
  3. Gently brush your hair with your hands, applying it evenly on your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum Jojoba Oil

My experience with the Godrej Professional Protect Shine Serum Jojoba Oil


The serum has a transparent liquid consistency. It is very thin and flowy.


The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle. It has a pump dispenser. It doesn’t come in a cardboard box packaging. The name of the product and the details of the product are written on a blue label.


It has a very nice, mild fruity smell to it but the smell doesn’t stay on your hair for long.

My experience:

The product does what it claims. It gives a shine to your hair. It doesn’t add a lot of moisture or control the frizz, which they do not claim anyway. The serum can be used on a daily basis.

  1. It doesn’t make your hair greasy or sticky.
  2. It can be used on colored hair.
  3. It is not heavy on your hair.
  4. It adds a shine to the hair and makes the hair smooth.
  5. It has a mild smell, which is not overpowering.
  6. It can be used on all hair types.
  7. It does not leak.
  8. It is travel-friendly.
  1. It doesn’t make the hair frizz free.
  2. It doesn’t add any moisture to the hair.

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, people who are searching for a serum that purely just adds shine to the hair can go for this product.



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