Kaya Strawberry Lip Balm Review

by Aditi Bansal
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Kaya Strawberry Lip Balm is for all those looking for a nicely tinted and great fragranced lip balm with amazing moisturization and spf 15.


Rs.175 for 4.5g

Shelf life:

 24 months

How to use?

Apply evenly and liberally on your lips. When needed to avoid storage in a cool and dry place.

Kaya Strawberry Lip Balm

My experience with the Kaya Strawberry Lip Balm


This lip balm has a very fruity and sweet strawberry-like fragrance lip balm. It is very light and hence, gives you that fruity essence throughout the day.

Ease of Application:

The application is very smooth and soft and it just glides onto your lips super easily. It is a strawberry flavored lip balm hence, it gives a very natural reddish tint to the lips which look really beautiful.


The moisturization of this lip balm is really nice. It doesn’t get wiped off your lips even after washing your face with water a little moisturization stays even after a wash. It gives a good 4-5 hours of softness to the lips. It feels really light on the lips.

About the packaging

This balm comes in a very cute white colored stick which is quite compact and travels friendly. I really love the cute little packaging of this balm. But it might melt in summers but as mentioned on the packaging one should keep it in a cool place to avoid melting.

My experience:

I am in love with this lip balm. This one is literally the best one I have used so far. I love its fragrance and moisturization. It also provides SPF 15 which provides protection from the sun and keeps your lips hydrated.

Overall Performance of Kaya Strawberry Lip Balm

What I like:
  1. Very smooth application
  2. Sweet strawberry like fragrance
  3. SPF 15
  4. Gives cute red tint to the lips
  5. Great moisturization
  6. Doesn’t feel heavy on the lips
  7. Travel-friendly
  8. Cute packaging
  9. Budget-friendly
What I don’t like:
  1. I loved this one

Would I recommend?

I would definitely recommend this lip balm to everyone. It has a great moisturization with SPF 15 and also is quite budget friendly. Loved it.

Ratings: 5/5

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