Incolor Maxi Black Eyeliner Review

by Bhavya Singh
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Incolor Maxi Black Eyeliner is for those looking for a budget-friendly sketch liner


225 for 2g

How to use?

The liner has a firm 0.4mm felt tip which is made of sponge, hence it feels soft & light while applying against delicate eye area. The tip is slightly longer and has a fine point for precise application. But the tip is quite flexible and you can easily draw a thick line with it.

Incolor Maxi Black Eyeliner

My experience with the Incolor Maxi Black Eyeliner


INCOLOR’s MAXI BLACK eyeliner comes in a glossy silver pen. It resembles a lot like a marker. The cap sits tightly. Overall the packaging is very sleek & sophisticated.

My Experience:

I must say this liner has got fabulous intensity.

The color is ultra-black which I guess most of us love. The color is intense too. I have used a number of felt tip liners till date, but this one is simply the best. The texture is creamy and it glides like magic across the eyes. It hardly takes 10-15 seconds to dry out and gives a slightly glossy finish which is just fabulous. It gives me wear of almost 7-8 hours without any fading, which is not too bad.

  1. The compact packaging and easy to carry around
  2. Jet black in colour
  3. Quick dry formula
  4. Once it settles down, it totally smudges proof
  5. Does not fades even after 7-8 hours
  1. Not waterproof
  2. Comes in only one shade

Will, I recommend it?-

Yes, I will repurchase it and recommend it



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