Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick Review

by Maliha T
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Who is this for? Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick has a creamy matte formula and it glides on the lips very easily. This lipstick is for everyone who loves dark and bold shades.


The lipstick retails for 475 for 3.9gm and it has a life of thirty-six months from the date of manufacturing.

Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick

My Experience with Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick


It comes in a blue cover which has silver body. The shade name is written in the bottom of the lipstick. All the shade in this range comes with the same packaging and therefore it becomes difficult to know the shades unless you read it from the bottom or via opening the cover. No shade differentiation from outside the package can be made.


The shade is ‘Midnight Date’. It is a very beautiful dark mauve colored lipstick. We can say the shade is a mixture of dark purple, magenta and pink. The good thing about the shade is that it is for every Indian skin tone. Suits best for an evening or night event as it reflects so beautifully in artificial lighting. Having said that, it is not just limited to evening events but can be used in day events too.

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the lipstick is creamy matte and it glides on the lips very easily. One or two stroke on the lips is enough as this shade is very pigmented. There is only a slight difference between one swatch and many swatches as it happens with other shades. Due to its high pigmentation, it some how remains the same with a slight difference of a little darker when applied more than once on the lips which is a plus point as the product will last longer.

Staying Power

This lipstick starts to wear off after two or more hours of application especially when you start to eat and drink.

Is this transfer proof?

No, it is not transfer proof. Transfers easily on anything and everything.

What do I like?
  1. Very comfortable on lips, doesn’t dry out lips completely if applied a good amount of lip balm underneath.
  2. It is not meant for some specific skin tones. It suits all Indian skin tones.
  3. Due to high pigmentation, it does not need more than 2 strokes which in turn makes it affordable.
  4. It is one of the bold colors that can be used to make any look glam up. This is the specialty of bold color shades, it can instantly add up to the look and make you look fancy and sophisticated at the same time.
  5. Maybelline is a well-known brand and is highly recommended because of its good quality and reliability. This product which is priced at 475 is a good deal as most of the lipsticks of this texture are price between 600-800 for mid-range companies.
  6. It is not rigid on the lips. It comes off easily by wet wipes or even with coconut oil soaked in tissue paper.
What I didn’t like?
  1. Though this lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips completely given your lips are exfoliated and applied a good amount of moisturizer underneath. If not done so, it can lead to patches on the lips and the lipstick might start to wear off after some hours of application.
  2. It is not transfer proof.
  3. If you eat and drink, it will start to come off. It doesn’t stay for more than 2 hours in a go. If needs reapplication after 2 hours of application.
  4. The product appears a little different in daylight and different in artificial lighting which is a drawback.
  5. It tends to bleed out sometimes so, a lip liner is suggested before applying the product.



Useful tip:

To make it stay longer use translucent or compact powder and dab a little on lips and then use a tissue paper to soak whatever is extra and it will make the product last longer than it usually does.

Would I recommend it?

Having used it for almost 2 years, I can confidently recommend this to anyone who is interested in lipstick in this range. Usually, matte lipsticks are ultra drying on lips and sometimes it becomes difficult to carry it off so, this creamy texture becomes very comfortable on lips.

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