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How to Apply Foundation Perfectly? : There are many ways through which foundation can be applied. It could be via using brushes, sponge, blender, fingertips. A new addition to this is the airbrush.

Let’s understand each of them and come to a conclusion of what is the best and perfect way to apply  foundation. Though there can’t be one perfect way to do it as what is perfect for you might not be the same for someone else, right?

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Apply Foundation with Fingers

It is the most basic way to apply foundation to your skin. It is not very long that most of the people used their fingertips to apply foundation. It is safe to say that still, there are many areas where brushes or sponges are not sufficient and you have to use your hands in order to get the perfect look. Applying foundation with fingertips becomes easy when we want to have a very light summary day-look to create. It doesn’t add on too much product onto your skin which we want to avoid on a hot summer day. With addition to this, you end up saving a lot of money that is spent on buying brushes or blenders.

What is not so fancy about using your fingertips is the fact that this procedure is quite messy and can end up wasting a lot of foundation, especially when the composition and texture of your foundation is runny. The need for brush or blender emerged also because fingertips were not actually capable of giving a uniform application onto your skin. It is possible that you end up using foundation at one spot more than some other spots. There came different useful applicators to solve these issues.

Apply Foundation with Brush

There are different types of foundation brushes. Some are thick round usual brush and one of the other types is the flat oval brush that Nykaa has launched some years back. Be it oval or round, brushes know their job and they do perform their job accordingly. Brushes are quite handy and need a bit of practice to apply foundation evenly on the skin. Foundations with runny composition have to be used with caution as it may leak while pouring into the brushes.

Airbrush for Foundation

It is very new to the Indian market. Make-up professionals use it in salons and Parlours and these are not very common for everyday use. It is quite expensive and it needs a lot of training to apply foundation evenly. It uses the technique of spraying that is motor based and it also comes with a compressor attached to it.  It is very tricky to use and one needs to learn from a professional to use it before using directly onto your skin. A major plus point is the end result it provides. You can easily see the difference when you apply foundation using Airbrush as compared to other applicators.

Apply Foundation with Sponge

These are flat, usually, square-shaped fluffy pads that are used to apply foundation. The earlier compact powder used to have a sponge for application. Sponges can be of many shapes and sizes and are very comfortable to use. Any amateur who is new to the make-up world can easily use it to bring out desired results. These are also not as costly as foundation brushes but they do need to be changed often as they tend to get dirty.

Beauty Blender: The best applicator for Foundation

Blender belongs to the family of sponges. Blender is usually of a fistful size and is fluffier than sponges. Blender, according to me, is the best applicator for applying foundation. It has a lot more volume than usual flat sponges and has more height and width than sponges. Any type of consistency of the foundation is perfect for blenders. Blender has more shelf life which makes it more economical as well. Without much experience and practice, anyone can apply foundation evenly and uniformly onto the skin. When you pour foundation on the blender, it gets absorbed and when you start blending, the required amount comes out which is not the case with other applicators. It is very handy and budget-friendly as you can wash your blender if it needs to be cleaned.

So, clearly we have a winner and that is the beauty blender.


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L'oreal Infallible Gel Crayon Back to Black

What is it and who is it for? Loreal Infallible Gel Crayon  Back to Black is an eyeliner that comes in 11 bold shades including Cooper, Turquoise, Blue, Brown, Khaki, Black, etc. It is for those who struggle with liquid eyeliner and hence, fail to experiment on their eyes. It works just like crayons color pencils which is easy to hold and smooth on eyes. It claims to be waterproof that can last up to 24 hours.


At present 5 shades are available on Nykaa and a little more on Amazon. These are priced differently depending on different shades. It starts with rupees 550 and goes till 675. You can get these on discount on both sides. These are also available at different stores, offline. It has 1.2g of the total product that is not affordable for a lot of people. It has a life of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

L'oreal Infallible Gel Crayon Back to Black

My Experience with Loreal Infallible Gel Crayon  Back to Black

Pigmentation and Shade

The product is highly pigmented. One stroke is quite dark and it does not require a lot of product to get desired results. This product comes into 11 different shades of bold colors as mentioned above. The review done is of black color which is named as ‘Back To Black 101’. It is a classic black color that dries out to give a matte look.


The product is quite smooth and glides on very smoothly. It has an oily texture which can be tricky for those with oily skin. It can bleed out as it did when I was trying this on my eyes ( To be noted: I have combination skin). After 2 minutes or so it dries on the skin to give a matte finish but the finishing is not very sharp.


It has a classic packaging like that of a Kohl. Very slim and cylindrical in shape, it has a glossy packaging from outside. Shades are differentiated by its cover that indicates different shades but shade names are not written on the product. The product comes with a twister in the end but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t come with a manual to guide people how to use the rest of the product, either to sharp or to use the twister present in the end of the product (that doesn’t work in my case). I believe we need to use a Kohl sharpener with the smallest option available because this product is quite less in volume as shown in pictures

Staying Power

It claims to stay for 24 hours. It does stay for good 5-6 hours but the product also starts to appear lighter with time.


It has got no fragrance at all. Very neutral in terms of any kind of smell.

Bursting a myth after the use: My own experience

A lot of people claim that this product can be used for multiple purposes, as in used as Kohl as well as eyeliner. I highly suggest you all not to apply this as Kohl as this can result in teary and burning sensation in your eyes. For good 4-5 hours my eyes had burning sensation and tears did not stop for good 45 minutes. So, please DO NOT USE THIS AS KOHL if you think your eyes are sensitive. Do not let this product come in contact within your eyes as we put Kohl into our waterlines both, lower and the upper ones.

What did I like?
  1. It is very easy to use as it works in the same way as a crayon color. Any shape or design can be made using this eyeliner.
  2. It glides on very smoothly. It contains some oil content which makes the application easy and smooth.
  3. It dries on to give matte finish though, the result is not very sharp.
  4. It comes with a lot of bold colors that are highly pigmented. Those shades are must-haves in your collection.
What I didn’t like?
  1. First of all, it doesn’t come with a The product has a twister at the back which moves but it does nothing. It can irritate a lot of people with no proper manual given on how to use the rest of the product.
  2. The texture of the product, when applied, is runny that might result in the product to bleed out.
  3. 550-675 for 1.2g does not put it in an affordable range.
  4. The tip of the eyeliner is thick which can cause trouble if you are trying to get a thin line on your eyes.
  5. It is not a user-friendly product as the shiny and glossy touch given on the packaging can result in being slippery to hold.
  6. It does not come with sensitivity warning. If this product gets into your eyes, it can result in a burning sensation in the eyes with a lot of tears.
  7. It doesn’t come out easily. A good black residual remains for one day of use at least.

Would I recommend it or reuse it?

Till now I have used liquid liner and I am quite comfortable using it. I wanted to give crayon/pencil range a try which proved to be not so bad. It is very easy and smooth in usage and can solve a lot of problems for a lot of women who do not wish to use a liquid liner as it can get a bit tricky. However, I would love to go back to my old liquid liner because I personally find that more comfortable for me. I would also not suggest people to buy this as a lot of options are available in the market at this price range that can give better results than this.

P.S. I have no personal grudge against this company.


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Who is it for? Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5 is a liquid lipstick for everyone who wants to experiment and explore with brands that are new and on budget. This range has 24 shades in the spectrum of red and pink.


The product is priced at 199 for 6 ml. You can get this at discount on Nykaa and Amazon during the sale. It has a life of 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5

My Experience with Swiss Beauty Soft Matte Lip Cream No. 5


The formula and packaging are similar to Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream. The outside body of the lipstick shows the shade color with soft matte-textured back color cover. It comes with a wand that is sleek and points on the top that makes the application so easy.


The shade N05 is a beautiful chocolate brown which is a very common shade and can be found in almost every brand. This shade is very similar to Nykaa Liquid Matte To Last’ shade- ‘Chai 18’.


It has got no fragrance. It is very neutral in terms of smell.

Sensitivity alert

The product does not give sensitivity alert to its consumers. It does not have any extra layer of packaging that usually other lipsticks have, where everything about its ingredients are mentioned.

Staying power

It has got some magical power when it comes to staying capacity. It can last more than 5 hours without any touch-up. And yes, you can eat and drink too and it will still be there.

Is it transfer proof?

It is not completely transferred proof but very little comes out in the process.

(There is a picture attached to understand the amount of product gets transferred. A lot of force was used and also, I have to kiss my hand 3-4 times to show how much product comes off.)

What do I like?

Am I allowed to say everything?

  1. First of all, the quality of the lipstick. With its price the quality is unbelievable. We usually think that anything that costs less is usually bad and of bad quality. This lipstick breaks that myth. It is a steal deal.
  2. It is very light on the lips. Usually, liquid lipsticks are drying and make lips unstretchable, but this lipstick is so light and airy on lips that after sometimes you forget that you have put on anything on your lips.
  3. This product exactly explains what a creamy matte texture means. It is matte yet not drying and hence, very comfortable on lips.
  4. Pigmentation is very high. This shade completely covers your lips in one stroke. It is very opaque and gives a uniform color for both the lips.
  5. Liquid lipsticks are known to take time to dry. It dries on the lips very fast and doesn’t take much time.
  6. It is very long lasting. It stays on the lips for more than 5 hours. It doesn’t need to be applied every two hours or so.
  7. If you are on a budget and still want to buy a new lipstick or even if you want to explore and experiment with different brands and products, this the product for it. With the price range, it comes in, the quality of the product is unimaginably good.
What I didn’t like?
  1. The list of ingredients is not on the packaging which makes its reach limited as many of us do look for ingredients it is made of.
  2. The shade ranges from pinks to reds, and just one or two in brown/chocolate. There is a lack of nude collection in this range.
  3. If you do not scrub your lips and if your lips are chapped, it shows on your lips when you apply the product. You really need to scrub off the dead skin from your lips before applying the product.

Would I reuse and recommend it?

Yes to both. I would love to try other shades of this product and I am happy to recommend to everyone out there to try it out. It will change your perception of liquid lipstick that is also affordable.

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Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick

Who is this for? Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick has a creamy matte formula and it glides on the lips very easily. This lipstick is for everyone who loves dark and bold shades.


The lipstick retails for 475 for 3.9gm and it has a life of thirty-six months from the date of manufacturing.

Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick

My Experience with Maybelline Midnight Date Lipstick


It comes in a blue cover which has silver body. The shade name is written in the bottom of the lipstick. All the shade in this range comes with the same packaging and therefore it becomes difficult to know the shades unless you read it from the bottom or via opening the cover. No shade differentiation from outside the package can be made.


The shade is ‘Midnight Date’. It is a very beautiful dark mauve colored lipstick. We can say the shade is a mixture of dark purple, magenta and pink. The good thing about the shade is that it is for every Indian skin tone. Suits best for an evening or night event as it reflects so beautifully in artificial lighting. Having said that, it is not just limited to evening events but can be used in day events too.

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the lipstick is creamy matte and it glides on the lips very easily. One or two stroke on the lips is enough as this shade is very pigmented. There is only a slight difference between one swatch and many swatches as it happens with other shades. Due to its high pigmentation, it some how remains the same with a slight difference of a little darker when applied more than once on the lips which is a plus point as the product will last longer.

Staying Power

This lipstick starts to wear off after two or more hours of application especially when you start to eat and drink.

Is this transfer proof?

No, it is not transfer proof. Transfers easily on anything and everything.

What do I like?
  1. Very comfortable on lips, doesn’t dry out lips completely if applied a good amount of lip balm underneath.
  2. It is not meant for some specific skin tones. It suits all Indian skin tones.
  3. Due to high pigmentation, it does not need more than 2 strokes which in turn makes it affordable.
  4. It is one of the bold colors that can be used to make any look glam up. This is the specialty of bold color shades, it can instantly add up to the look and make you look fancy and sophisticated at the same time.
  5. Maybelline is a well-known brand and is highly recommended because of its good quality and reliability. This product which is priced at 475 is a good deal as most of the lipsticks of this texture are price between 600-800 for mid-range companies.
  6. It is not rigid on the lips. It comes off easily by wet wipes or even with coconut oil soaked in tissue paper.
What I didn’t like?
  1. Though this lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips completely given your lips are exfoliated and applied a good amount of moisturizer underneath. If not done so, it can lead to patches on the lips and the lipstick might start to wear off after some hours of application.
  2. It is not transfer proof.
  3. If you eat and drink, it will start to come off. It doesn’t stay for more than 2 hours in a go. If needs reapplication after 2 hours of application.
  4. The product appears a little different in daylight and different in artificial lighting which is a drawback.
  5. It tends to bleed out sometimes so, a lip liner is suggested before applying the product.



Useful tip:

To make it stay longer use translucent or compact powder and dab a little on lips and then use a tissue paper to soak whatever is extra and it will make the product last longer than it usually does.

Would I recommend it?

Having used it for almost 2 years, I can confidently recommend this to anyone who is interested in lipstick in this range. Usually, matte lipsticks are ultra drying on lips and sometimes it becomes difficult to carry it off so, this creamy texture becomes very comfortable on lips.

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