How to Apply Foundation Perfectly ?

by Maliha T
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How to Apply Foundation Perfectly? : There are many ways through which foundation can be applied. It could be via using brushes, sponge, blender, fingertips. A new addition to this is the airbrush.

Let’s understand each of them and come to a conclusion of what is the best and perfect way to apply  foundation. Though there can’t be one perfect way to do it as what is perfect for you might not be the same for someone else, right?

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Apply Foundation with Fingers

It is the most basic way to apply foundation to your skin. It is not very long that most of the people used their fingertips to apply foundation. It is safe to say that still, there are many areas where brushes or sponges are not sufficient and you have to use your hands in order to get the perfect look. Applying foundation with fingertips becomes easy when we want to have a very light summary day-look to create. It doesn’t add on too much product onto your skin which we want to avoid on a hot summer day. With addition to this, you end up saving a lot of money that is spent on buying brushes or blenders.

What is not so fancy about using your fingertips is the fact that this procedure is quite messy and can end up wasting a lot of foundation, especially when the composition and texture of your foundation is runny. The need for brush or blender emerged also because fingertips were not actually capable of giving a uniform application onto your skin. It is possible that you end up using foundation at one spot more than some other spots. There came different useful applicators to solve these issues.

Apply Foundation with Brush

There are different types of foundation brushes. Some are thick round usual brush and one of the other types is the flat oval brush that Nykaa has launched some years back. Be it oval or round, brushes know their job and they do perform their job accordingly. Brushes are quite handy and need a bit of practice to apply foundation evenly on the skin. Foundations with runny composition have to be used with caution as it may leak while pouring into the brushes.

Airbrush for Foundation

It is very new to the Indian market. Make-up professionals use it in salons and Parlours and these are not very common for everyday use. It is quite expensive and it needs a lot of training to apply foundation evenly. It uses the technique of spraying that is motor based and it also comes with a compressor attached to it.  It is very tricky to use and one needs to learn from a professional to use it before using directly onto your skin. A major plus point is the end result it provides. You can easily see the difference when you apply foundation using Airbrush as compared to other applicators.

Apply Foundation with Sponge

These are flat, usually, square-shaped fluffy pads that are used to apply foundation. The earlier compact powder used to have a sponge for application. Sponges can be of many shapes and sizes and are very comfortable to use. Any amateur who is new to the make-up world can easily use it to bring out desired results. These are also not as costly as foundation brushes but they do need to be changed often as they tend to get dirty.

Beauty Blender: The best applicator for Foundation

Blender belongs to the family of sponges. Blender is usually of a fistful size and is fluffier than sponges. Blender, according to me, is the best applicator for applying foundation. It has a lot more volume than usual flat sponges and has more height and width than sponges. Any type of consistency of the foundation is perfect for blenders. Blender has more shelf life which makes it more economical as well. Without much experience and practice, anyone can apply foundation evenly and uniformly onto the skin. When you pour foundation on the blender, it gets absorbed and when you start blending, the required amount comes out which is not the case with other applicators. It is very handy and budget-friendly as you can wash your blender if it needs to be cleaned.

So, clearly we have a winner and that is the beauty blender.


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