Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion Review

by Aneesha Bhadri
3 minutes read

I am following up my face cream reviews with a review of a body lotion that I bought a few weeks ago. One tends to forget that the rest of the body needs as much pampering as the face. Recently, I decided to switch to natural products and ordered the Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion, by an ayurvedic brand.

Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion Review

What is it and who is it for?

The Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion is for dry skin. It is a nourishing lotion with kumkumadi tail, lotus seed, and aloe vera oil.



Rs. 395 for 250ml


Sensitive skin alert?


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What does Iraya claim about the Wildflower Body Lotion?

This light-weight lotion for dry skin nourishes the skin and gives it a glow.


How to use-

Apply all over the body after bath.

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My experience with the Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion –

Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion Review 5

I apply the wildflower body lotion daily and find it as good as any other body lotion. It has a pleasant floral smell that fades after a couple of hours. I have noticed that you need to use quite a bit for the effect to last the whole day. I suppose it’s good for summer.

I feel this is a pretty average product. In fact, it is not a great moisturizer after all. A lightweight lotion that smells nice enough, but the fragrance does not linger for long.

I don’t see the point in spending this much money on something that quite frankly I can get with brands like Nivea and Vaseline too.

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Positives of the Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion –

  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Has a nice floral smell
  • Easy to use

Negatives of the Iraya Wildflower Body Lotion –

  • Does not brighten the complexion as claimed
  • It is too light for people with dry skin unless you use a lot
  • Not value for money

Overall would I repurchase and recommend?

I would not buy this product again. It serves to moisturize the skin as well as any decent moisturizer, so there is nothing exceptional about it. I would not recommend it to people with dry skin, even though that is how the product is advertised. To put it simply, there are better moisturizers out there or equally good ones at lesser the price.

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