Jovees Almond Lip Care Review

by Mallika Dharmani
5 minutes read

I love a gooooood lip balm and let me tell you I’m not easily pleased when it comes to lip balms. I have high expectations from it – I expect it not to smudge or spread around and become all oily, I crave for a good fragrance to keep hitting my nostrils every time  I take a whiff, I expect it to moisturize well and I want it to make me give a good feel of my lips.

Now there are a number of lip balms in the market, each claims to be the best of its kind but not all the tall claims are true. So today I’m going to review JOVEES ALMOND LIP CARE which looks like one gem of a guy that I have hit on.

Since I got quite a number of JOVEES skin products I decided not to make my lips feel left out so I put one of these in my basket too.  Let me go ahead and appreciate this lip balm.

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review


Basic Information about Jovees Almond Lip Care




A non-sticky formulation, which glides on smoothly, provides protection, moisture and healing benefits of natural ingredients used in this formulation. It will enhance the feel and appearance of your lips and prevent them from becoming dry or dehydrated. Contains SPF 15.


Apply a few strokes to your lips when you feel your lips are dry and need extra nourishment.

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review 2


Only the active ones are listed- Almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, Shea butter, anjeer oil, aloe vera oil extract and carrot oil.



Jovees Almond Lip Care Review 3

My Experience with Jovees Almond Lip Care

PACKING – the packing is neat and attractive. Since this is an almond one the stick is brown colour with a twist applicator in it. The cap is golden in color and overall looks nice.




The lip balm is really thick and has a nice consistency rather like butter. More like a coagulated form of butter.


FRAGRANCE I really like the fragrance which smells like a nice almond cookie or something. Very subtle and lovely.

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review 1


The lip balm glides ever so smoothly and feels nice and thick on the lips. Great lubrication. I usually just use a single swipe and it provides excellent coverage in the first go.

I feel that a single swipe is enough and layering isn’t necessary. Just one swipe provides enough sheen and moisturization which lasts on the lips for a good two hours which I think is quite a decent stay for a lip balm after which it fades away so that there is no more shine but your lips still feel soft and supple.

There is no color in the balm at all and looks like clarified butter but the best part is it doesn’t spread like one at all. In fact, it stays very much in place for a lip balm this moisturizing. Generally, lip balms tend to spread a little around the boundaries making it look like I have smeared a lot of oil which I personally hate due to which I don’t usually like applying colorless balms in the daytime but I think I can use this one even for that purpose.

It feels kind of heavy on the lips though but I like that feeling. It’s like my lips have a moisture blanket if you know what I mean.

All in all, I really liked this lip balm but then a little color would have been nice.

I haven’t tried any other lip balms from this range but if you guys find something with color on it then let me know in the comments below. Also, tell me about your favorite lip balm.

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review 4

Overall Performance of Jovees Almond Lip Care


  • Nice coverage
  • Lovely smell
  • Good staying power
  • Makes the lips really soft
  • Hydrating and moisture loaded
  • Heals chapping too ( though I had a minor sign of it )
  • Has SPF too so has you sun protected too.
  • Doesn’t spread beyond the lips



  • No colour
  • Feels heavy on lips which might be a con for some.


My Recommendation?

I think if you are looking for a good lip balm without any color then this is your thing. However, I would like something with a little color in it.

4 star

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It looks so tempting to use ?

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yes nice and affordable it is . you could try the rose tea one too. it looked goooood …