Jovees Bhringraj And Olive Hair Oil Review

by Aditi Bansal
2 minutes read

Who is it for? JOVEES BHRINGRAJ AND OLIVE HAIR OIL is for all those looking for a light hair oil which makes the hair soft and also promotes hair growth and controlling greying of hair.

Jovees Bhringraj And Olive Hair Oil


Rs.305 for 200ml

My experience with the Jovees Bhringraj And Olive Hair Oil

My experience:

I bought this oil as it says it helps in controlling greying of hair naturally. It also helps in controlling hair fall and provides protein to your hair and scalp. It feels very light and non-greasy. It contains bhringraj and olive oil which provides silky texture to hair and provides nourishment to the hair follicles. It has helped in controlling my hair fall and provides me with silky hair. It is a little difficult to remove the oil with shampoo as it may still feel greasy even after wash.


It has a very strong fragrance similar to that of amla oil. I don’t really like strong fragrance oils and the fragrance may not go even after washing hair.


It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with the details printed on it. it has a good lock which prevents leakage.

Colour and texture

It is a little pale yellow in colour and has a very runny texture and a little amount of the oil is sufficient.

What I liked about it?
  1. Non-greasy
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Travel friendly
  4. Runny texture
  5. Feels light on application
  6. Controls hair fall
  7. Gives smooth hair after wash
What I didn’t like about it?
  1. Very strong fragrance
  2. Difficult to remove
Would I recommend?

I would love to recommend this to all those looking for a good oil which helps in controlling hair fall and also smoothens your hair. It also improves hair texture.

Ratings: 4/5

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