Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion Review

by Namara Haider
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Jovees honey and grapes hand and body lotion is for those who are looking for an herbal body lotion for dryness.


The 200ml bottle of this lotion costs you Rs. 210 (2019) at any shop, but it could be bought at a cheaper price online.

Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion

My Experience with Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion


The packaging of this lotion is not very fancy.It comes in a plastic white bottle with a green cap on it. It does not have any outer covering except a transparent plastic cover. All the details are printed on the bottle itself.

Sensitive skin alert:


Color and Texture:

White Color Non- greasy / Non-sticky textured lotion


The cream has a strong flowery smell that lasts throughout the day. The smell does not irritate the nose. It smells very herbal and natural.


After taking a bath wipe your body dry and then apply it all over your body and massage it till it gets absorbed into your the skin.


The lotion is quite effective to what it claims; it does relieve dry skin and makes it smooth and supple with the very first application.

My experience:

Though I have an oily face, but my body skin is neutral. I have been using this lotion for my body for about 1 year; it is the best lotion for winters I would say. During winters when the skin gets dry after taking a bath, using this lotion made my skin feel moisturized, soft and fresh.

 Overall review of the Jovees honey and grapes hand and body lotion:

  1. Apart from honey and grapes extract it has almond oil, wheat germ oil and aloe Vera; all these components are excellent in nourishing the skin.
  2. The consistency of the lotion is neither too thick nor too thin; it is just perfect for any skin type in any weather conditions. Applying it makes the skin feels soft and plum throughout the day, and with its regular use it can make your skin smooth.
  3. It is best for winters and could also be used in summers.
  4. The lotion gets absorbed quickly and does not feel sticky or greasy.
  5. Less quantity is required.
  6. And not to forget its heavenly smell that will make you fall in love with this lotion. It smells like what could be said as “free of chemical”. The mild natural smell makes you feel fresh and relaxed.
  7. Above all it is cost effective.
  1. It claims to be an all skin type’s lotion, but it might not be good for oily skin.
  2. All the ingredients are not mentioned on the bottle.
  3. It probably has a very low SPF.

Would I purchase or recommend?

I am using this lotion currently, and I look forward to buying it again. I would highly recommend this lotion to those with dry skin.

People searching for herbal and natural products this is the solution to your problem. But if you are looking for something fancier this lotion might not be appealing for you.

Rating: 4.5/5

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