Jovees Advanced Anti – Ageing Serum Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Jovees Advanced Anti – Ageing Serum is for those looking for an affordable anti ageing serum.

Jovees Premium Advanced Anti - Ageing Serum Review


Apply all over face and neck before going to sleep at night.

My Experience with Jovees Premium Advanced Anti – Ageing Serum



Well looks like I had a bad experience with the packing, looks like I just got unlucky.

So the product comes in a creamy beige colored carton box which is covered and sealed well with a plastic wrap further.

The inside of the box is also well protected and the bottle is made up of plastic with a small pump covered with a transparent plastic cap.

It can also be opened by unscrewing the pump.

Now what went wrong with me was when  I opened the packing the carton was all wet with oil and the bottle was slimy too so looks like the product overflowed or something but the cap was tightly wound up so I guess the product just seeped out but nothing could still go in.

The plastic bottle isn’t see through (I wish it was)


The product comes in a thick buttery texture which is capable of dripping but isn’t too runny at the same time. It has a slightly jelly-like consistency and at the same time appears to be really buttery too. Spreads nicely though.

Jovees Premium Advanced Anti - Ageing Serum Review 5


The serum has a strong fragrance so I’m not too sure how it’s going to appeal to our sensitive skin ladies here but personally to me the smell is not such a botheration. It’s heavily scented floral musk scent which might appeal to some as a good fragrance. To me, it’s “a little too much” to be honest. But the fragrance is still something I can put up with because the product is amazing.


So let me elaborate exactly how I felt after using this and how it helped me.

So my skin type is normal, I don’t have acne or an oily t zone but my skin isn’t exactly outright glowing. I think it looks sluggish and a bit dull as if it’s not reflecting any of that healthy inner glow and stuff if you know what I mean which was the main reason why I got this serum.

Once I started using this serum it got immediately absorbed into my skin and after 5 minutes it kind of disappeared completely- no sign of heavy cream layering or oily texture nothing at all. My skin also felt buttery soft immediately. Very supple and hydrated. The fragrance lingers on and on through for almost an hour.

Now when I got up in the morning my face still felt hydrated and well moisturized. Yayyyy!!!!!!!

With repeated use of just one week this serum gave my skin a beautiful dewy glow. When you see the modest glow on your skin that gives you the most amazing feeling ever.  I felt it I’m sure you will too.

Skin quality looks better and products seem to glide on better like your everyday foundations and BB creams. I do not notice any change in my complexion. It didn’t make me fairer or something but I guess it might take a longer duration to experience that. However, I think healthy skin is more important than a fairer skin so I’m fully happy with what this product did for me so far.

PROS- manyyyyyyyyyy
  1. Reasonable enough for a serum
  2. Good quantity too
  3. Love the texture
  4. Disappears almost immediately
  5. Gives you skin a slight glow or makes it look rather healthy
  6. Nice fragrance too ( doesn’t smell like some Ayurvedic oil or something for a herbal product )
  7. Good hydration.
  1. Fragrance can be a bit overpowering
  2. Doesn’t make the skin fair
  3. Something is not right with the packing as the product leaked!!!
  4. The bottle isn’t see through
My Recommendation?

I don’t know much about serums as I’m yet to see and use many others. This was just my first one and I think it did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend this to any girl out there looking for a well reasonable serum.

It would have deserved a full tenner if it did something about skin lightening too. If you guys know of any other remarkable serum that worked out for you let us know. I would like to know what all my readers use!

XO :*

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Sone May 30, 2017 - 10:14 AM

Seems like a good product Mallika! :good:

MALLIKA May 31, 2017 - 6:35 PM

yes it sure was .. happyy with the purchase 🙂

V. sravanti May 30, 2017 - 10:27 AM

Yeah!! It looks good!

MALLIKA May 31, 2017 - 6:37 PM

try it out sometime im sure you will like it too sravanti :love