Juicy Chemistry Jojoba Oil Review

by Prachi Singh
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Juicy Chemistry Jojoba Oil is for those who are looking for a natural moisturizer which has anti-inflammatory properties and works well for both sensitive and mature skin.


INR 450/- for 30 ml.

Sensitivity Alert?

It can clog pores on overuse.

How To Use?

For face:

With the help of the dropper, take 4-5 drops on your finger tips, and gently massage it all over your face.

For hair:

Add 6-7 drops in coconut or olive oil, and massage your scalp gently.

You use it as a hair serum as well.

Juicy Chemistry Jojoba Oil

My experience with Juicy Chemistry Jojoba Oil


Comes in a brownish glass bottle with a dropper. Don’t risk traveling with it, unless you put it in a sturdy box. Size of the bottle is apt for traveling but you can end up breaking the glass jar. Though I have traveled, but only after taking precautions. And yes, I had no complaints at all.


Considering most oil’s consistency, it’s quite thin and gets easily absorbed. Much like that of coconut oil but it feels much lighter than it after applying on skin.


Smells bit weird, but it’s mild. Maybe it’s jojoba’s smell. I have never smelled jojoba so can’t really figure out. But trust me it’s way too bearable than castor oil.

Ease of Application

Oh, the best part about juicy chemistry is this my dear! Application easy and hygienic. Just maintain the distance between dropper and your skin.


I am in love this oil, just delivers what it promises. On regular use, you will notice a difference in your skin. Apply it over dry skin on the night and wake up to healed skin. It definitely is boon for matured skin. My eye area is getting worse by each day (late study hours you see) after using this oil for over 3 months now, it has got a bit better. So it definitely nourishes skin and reaches out to the deepest layers.

My Experience

So I use it in multiple manners, but I always dilute it with something, when I apply it on my face. I mix it with Gulab jal. Massage for a few seconds and wash my face with water the next morning. For hair, I use olive or coconut oil with it. Also, I am currently using this as a hair serum. And this definitely works better than any serum that I have tried.

Overall performance of Juicy Chemistry Jojoba Oil

  1. Non-comedogenic formula
  2. No additional colors
  3. SLS, paraben, mineral oil free
  4. Nourishes skin, hair both
  5. For all skin types
  6. Doesn’t breaks out your skin
  7. Apt for summers as well
  8. Comes with a dropper
  1. Glass packaging, though it’s for preserving its properties.
Would I repurchase/recommend?

Hell yes! It is an investment.

Rating: 5/5

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