Kaya Skin Awakening Gel Review

by Surjeet Kaur
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Kaya Skin Awakening Gel Review: I read somewhere that Vitamin C is great for skin. It is a great antioxidant and really awakens the skin. I was looking for something exactly like this! Kaya is a very reputed brand and when I saw this product on offer, I thought this would be a great add into my skincare routine.

Read how this skin awakening gel by Kaya has worked out for me 🙂

Kaya Skin Awakening Gel Orange Super Bloom Review (3)

Basic Info 

A Vitamin Gel to awaken the skin. Suitable for oily to combination skin types.


Rs 1450 for 50 ml.


Kaya Skin Awakening Gel Orange Super Bloom Review (5)

How to Use

Apply to cleansed face and neck in upward and outward direction.

My Experience with Kaya Skin Awakening Gel Super Orange Bloom:

This gel comes in a jar packaging. Biggest disappointment this one. It is after buying this product that I came to know how unstable Vitamin C is. Any exposure to air or light makes it lose its potency! This transparent glass jar is definitely not suitable for storing a vitamin C product. Also, every time I have to use this, I have to dip in my fingers in the entire product. Definitely not hygienic.

The gel has a light texture with soft vitamin capsules. These dissolve on mild rubbing in. The gel gets absorbed really quickly. That is a plus point. Like every gel-based product, you must use this sparingly. Using too much of the product will make your skin look darker and patchy. Plus it will attract dust like the dunes of the Sahara!!! The fact of the matter is, this product fails on every count as a vitamin C product.

To choose the right Vitamin C product, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Packaging should be dropper or pump like-Minimal exposure to air. This is because Vitamin C gets oxidized on exposure to air.
  2. The bottle MUST be dark. Vitamin C loses its power on exposure to light.
  3. Frankly, Vitamin C product should only be purchased in serum form.

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On applying the gel, the skin feels a bit tight for about 10 minutes and thereafter it is soft and normal. I feel it gives a decent glow to the skin. Unlike what the brand claims, I feel this is suitable only for oily to combination skin types. It does not provide adequate moisture for dry skin. I refrigerate this gel to apply immediately after sun exposure for a soothing and cool feeling. Aside from this, there is nothing great about it…sorry 🙁

  1. Soothes the skin
  2. Nice fragrance
  1. The goodness of Vitamin C is lost with packaging
  2. Using too many results in patchy complexion
  3. Does not impart any long-lasting benefits
Would I repurchase and recommend?

I will not repurchase or recommend this product. It is not worth spending so much money, at all.2/5 Overpriced and AverageHow has your experience been with Kaya Products? Have you used this gel? How has your experience been?

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