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LA Colors Sweet 16 Eyeshadow Palette Playful Review

by Aditi Bansal

Who is it for? LA Colors Sweet 16 Eyeshadow Palette Playful is for all those looking for a party perfect eyeshadow palette with a variety of shades in both matte and shimmer.

Price: $6.00 for 20g
Shelf life: 

36 months

Sensitivity Alert?


How to Use:
  1. Apply the light matte shade on the eyelids
  2. Put a little darker tone of that shade to give a little ombre effect
  3. Apply the glitter shades at the end to give a glittery look
  4. Apply the silver shades in the corner of your eye.

LA Colors Sweet 16 Eyeshadow Palette Playful

My Experience With LA Colors Sweet 16 Eyeshadow Palette Playful


It comes in a very sleek looking black colored palette which is really easy to carry along but no mirror is provided so take along a mirror as well. It doesn’t provide any applicator or brush along with it which is quite disappointing.


It doesn’t have any fragrance which is a good thing for me.


I am not a fan of powdery textured makeup and this one is completely powdery in texture though it seems creamy but its not.

Ease of Application

It is not really easy to apply these. You can take the product on your applicator in a good amount but the moment you start to apply them it falls on your cheeks and under the eyes due to its powdery texture. I prefer to put these with the help of my fingers for better results.


I am not certain about the pigmentation as when I apply them with a brush it doesn’t give any pigmentation but when applied by fingers it gives a good amount of pigmentation though, it falls off a lot.

My Experience

I like the shades in this palette as they are all you need for a party or wedding function. They are quite affordable as there are 16 different matte+shimmer shades. I don’t like its powdery texture and pigmentation but have managed to apply it my way. It lasts for a good 3-4 hours.

Overall Performance LA Colors Sweet 16 Eyeshadow Palette Playful

  1. Party perfect eyeshadow shades
  2. Matte + shimmer shades
  3. Sleek packaging
  4. Affordable
  5. 16 different shades
  6. No fragrance
  1. No mirror and brush are provided
  2. Powdery texture
  3. Poor pigmentation
Would I repurchase or Recommend?

I would only recommend this to those who are fine with the powder texture and need different colors for every dress.



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