Lakme Primer : Hot or Not ?

by Alekhya Vaddeti
4 minutes read

Hey people,I don’t use foundations; At least not yet :P. Thus, I never felt the need of using a makeup primer. Primer is considered more or less as a magic potion which blurs out skin, reduces pores and acts as the canvas for makeup. I use tinted moisturizers and BB creams for daily needs and for parties too. I read some time back that primer is needed even for BB creams as it prolongs the wear time of makeup. Therefore, I purchased this Lakme primer to test out the magical claims of primer. Let’s see how it fares.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Review 1

Basic info of the Lakme primer


Rs 650 for 30gm.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Review 3

Brand Claims:

The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is the perfect start for a flawless, professional makeup finish. Its silky blur formula instantly brightens primes, softens blemishes and pores and creates a smooth skin surface to prep for makeup application. Makeup glides on effortlessly and blends seamlessly for a more vibrant, color true finish. It is the perfect canvas for makeup or wear alone over your moisturizer for instant smoothness and radiance.
The Lakme Absolute Make-Up Primer is a flawless makeup primer that preps your skin for professional make-up.
• Creates the perfect base for makeup and helps it stay for longer.
• Hides skin imperfections and give you an even toned skin.
• It is lightweight, waterproof, and has a smooth matte texture.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Review

My experience with Lakme Primer

First things first, I think the packaging looks like that of Bobbi Brown’s. Nevertheless, it looks quite elegant and pretty in your vanity. The tube is quite sturdy and it dispenses the right amount of product as in the case of prime one needs to be careful not to go overboard. The primer has a pink tint which brightens up the skin. I would say that almost all of the claims are true.

My pores are reduced but not completely gone which is fine as it isn’t visible to others. It makes for a smooth canvas and I can see that my BB cream works so much better. It does make my makeup stay for long than usual, say 6-7 hours. It blurs out the skin true to its name reducing the appearance of dark spots and it is lightweight too. Only a small amount is needed which makes it the most affordable of all the other primers out there. The only con is that it if you do not blend it properly, it turns powdery and you end up with flecks of it.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Review 2

Overall performance of the Lakme Primer

It is a good primer which does fulfill almost all of its claims. A beginner would take time in using it. I like this as it blurs out the skin, evens my skin tone, reduces pores and makes my skin smooth for makeup application for an affordable price.

Would I recommend?

A resounding yes!! It is a great option for people who want to try out primers in the Indian market.

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Tanu Shree April 19, 2017 - 3:54 PM

Nothing beats Olive Oil as my primer! 😀

Alekhya Vaddeti April 19, 2017 - 6:34 PM

Oh that’s great! Sadly I can’t use such oils as I’m prone to acne .