Le Wilson Cuticle Softener Cream Review

by Elakkiyaa Sre
3 minutes read

Who is it recommended for? Le Wilson Cuticle Softener Cream is for anyone wants moisturized skin and cuticles with a rosy youthful glow. Cuticle cream is used for moisturizing and softening the layers of dead skin surrounding the fingernails and toenails. Provides smoothing and radiant complexion of skin using key ingredient as petroleum jelly wax.

Le Wilson Cuticle Softener Cream

Price and quantity:-

₹100 for 100gm.

How to use?

Thoroughly clean the fingernails, toenails and surrounding skin. Apply the cuticle cream and massage gently. Ideal for using after Pedicure and Manicure.

My experience with Le Wilson Cuticle Softener Cream


Le’Wilson cuticle softening cream is beautifully packed in a white tub with a pink lid. The package is absolutely travel-friendly.


The product has a lingering fragrance almost equivalent to that of rose water.

Colour and Consistency:-

The color of this product is baby pink and consistency is like a thick gel or a candle wax. The consistency is similar to petroleum jelly.

My experience:-

My experience with this product was really good. I love the fragrance of the product which relaxes and refreshes me every time. The color and packaging of this product are also beautiful. It really shows visible results. So, it is an all in one cream for cuticle care.

What did I like about this product?
  1. Suitable for all skin types.
  2. Luminous and radiant complexion.
  3. Brighten skin and fades away dark spots.
  4. Petroleum jelly is used as a key ingredient which is absolutely safe on skin.
  5. Smoothens the skin and makes it appear youthful.
  6. The fragrance is very sweet and lingering.
  7. Doesn’t cause any harm when applied excessively.
  8. No side-effects
  9. Longer shelf life.
  10. Highly beneficial for its price.
  11. Very Economical
  12. Proven results within short span of time.
What I disliked about this product?
  1. Feels greasy when applied too much
  2. Doesn’t impart rosy glow for dark and dusky skin shades.



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