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by Aayushi Jain
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Hello beauties, diving into the Loreal Conditioner specifically the Loreal Smooth Intense!

Wedding season along with winter season is almost over. Flaunting your long hair with beautiful jaw-dropping hairstyles- we all did it during weddings. But continuous usage of hot rollers and hair straighteners damage your hair. And the biggest issue that comes side by side is frizzy, unmanageable and dry hair. Worst case: HAIRFALL! *Sigh*

I mean who doesn’t want long manageable beautiful hair? To get my shed hair back, I put my faith on L’Oreal Paris. Let us see how it worked for me.

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner 1

Basic info about Loreal Conditioner | Loreal Smooth Intense

Price: Rs 170 for 175ml


L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner

Brand Claims: The L’Oreal laboratories have developed SMOOTH INTENSE Smoothing Conditioner to provide deep nourishment and protection for intense smoothing.

INNOVATION: Silk Protein

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner 3

How to use?

After washing your hair with shampoo, take a small amount of conditioner or as required and gently massage your hair. After leaving for 3-4 minutes, wash your hair again.

My experience with Loreal Conditioner | Loreal Smooth Intense

Texture: The texture is very thick and creamy, therefore, easy to apply to your hair.

Fragrance: The fragrance is neither too strong nor too light. I loved the fragrance.

Experience: My hair was super dry and unmanageable for 1 week, no matter how good the shampoos or conditioners were. So I gave a chance to L’Oreal. I hate myself for doing this. *Frowning*

The first day– I was so happy with the effect it had on my hair. No tangled hair, smooth and soft blah blah blah! Everything went well but not until the second day…

The second day – They were still amazing till afternoon. Later I saw that my temple hair was a little bit oily. I have a tendency to wash my hair a day before the day I have to go somewhere. But heaven save me! That day I had to wash my hair again to get rid of those oily hairs.

Still, I continued to use it for one more week just to check if the problem persists. I am glad that this conditioner didn’t let me down. I faced the problem again. Finally, I had to change my conditioner. Duh!

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner 2

Overall performance of Loreal Conditioner | Loreal Smooth Intense

Whatever they claimed attracted me and that’s why I bought this conditioner. Yes, their claims were true and my hairs were super good the first day, but by the end of the second day my hair became oily; maybe because of its too much creamy texture.

Would I recommend/repurchase it?

No and again no. I didn’t like this product. I love the texture of my hair and would do anything to maintain them. And I am sure you all too.

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Smriti February 11, 2018 - 10:06 AM

True that. We all love the texture of our hair. Great review..Honest one..

Sreeparna Ganguly February 12, 2018 - 12:27 PM

I love texture but at the same time frizziness is my concern.. This might work for my dry hair :confused