Lotus My Peach Lipstick Review

by Sahiba Singh
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Lotus My Peach Lipstick is a satin finish lipstick which is peachy rust in color and has a smooth and light texture.For girls who love satin finish and light textured lipstick this one is for you. Also this range has many different shades varying from reds, pinks, mauves and soft nudes, to choose from.Sadly, it has nothing to offer to girls like me who are a matte lipstick person!

Lotus Herbal Pure Color Lipstick My Peach Review


Rs.245/- for 4.2g

How to use:

The usage is simple, like any other lipstick. You have to twist open the lipstick and apply it directly over your lips.

My experience with Lotus My Peach Lipstick

Well, honestly I am only going to use this lipstick as a lip balm at home. 🙂

However, I like the color that this lipstick has, it’s a subtle peachy rust color almost matches to my own natural lip color. Also for girls who love creamy, satin lipsticks which are light on texture and don’t make your lips feel heavy maybe this one is for you. It has almost all shades to offer in this pure color range of lipsticks. But there’s literally nothing for matte lipstick lovers.

Lotus Herbal Pure Color Lipstick My Peach Review 3

The lipstick is of purely satin finish, unlike what the sales girl told me. Also the staying power is a big disadvantage. It doesn’t last for 5 hours as claimed by the brand but rather stays on maybe for even less than 2 hours and if you are eating and sipping coffee, the colour begins to fade off instantly.

Lotus Herbal Pure Color Lipstick My Peach Review 4

I am personally not happy with the product, though it is reasonable priced

  1. Good pigmentation
  2. Rich colors to offer
  3. Easily available
  4. Reasonable priced
  1. Staying power of the lipstick is not good
  2. Not ideal for matte lipstick lovers
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

No, I personally wouldn’t buy this. But if you are someone who likes satin finish lipsticks with good pigmentation and are willing to compromise on the stay power of the lipstick then you can check this range out. It has a lot of shades to offer. 🙂

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