MAC Film Noir Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Film Noir Dupes: It’s all about bold power packed lip colors. Turning a bit vampy can be very sexy if carried the right way.A color which is an intense brown with a deep reddish undertone can be a stain which many shy away from and at the same time it might be a picture of appeal to others.For those of you who want to take a plunge into the dark lipsticks – film noir looks like one of the most desirable options.

MAC Film Noir Dupes 1

Use this outspoken lipstick and don’t be surprised at the compliments people shower at you.

Let’s check out the dupes if $16 sounds too much for such a tricky shade.

# MAC FILM NOIR vs. Jordana Brownie

Now I can call this as a perfect dupe in terms of color, however, it might not be so easily available.

If it is there is nothing better than this bold dupe.

The exact same color which can be matched to Mac in terms of intensity as well.

A very cheap dupe for just $2.50 .

MAC Film Noir Dupes 2


# MAC FILM NOIR vs. Maybelline Chocoholic

This dupe has more red in its brown and the red undertone is clearly reflected.

However, it’s still a very close dupe for Mac.

I would encourage a few extra swipes of Maybelline as it lacks a little in the intensity department which can be solved by layering the lippie.

For a price of $6 a very likable dupe.

MAC Film Noir Dupes

IC: temptalia

# MAC FILM NOIR vs. LA Girl Spicy

This dude has the right amount of spice to match Mac,

A brown shade just as intense with a slightly more of a reddish undertone.

Very affordable dupe as it comes for a price of $4 from a very lovable brand!

Probably one of the best dupes for our intense brown lipstick.

MAC Film Noir Dupes 3

IC: the beauty looks

Those of you who are looking for a dupe from Mac itself, just because they can’t find the FILM NOIR shade can always go in for MAC’S ANTIQUE VELVET which is just one point.

The only difference is that FILM NOIR has a satin finish however ANTIQUE VELVET comes in a matte finish.

Say hello to bold lips today with these shades.


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