MAC Retro Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Retro Dupes: Mac Retro is a muted plum brown shade which comes with a satin finish.

Something which easily qualifies for a brown shade with just the right amount of pink in it too.

The trouble with some of the brown lipsticks is that they are just *too Brown* if you know what I mean.

Retro looks like the perfect solution to this.

A great mix of the pink and brown in the right ratio.

If you think $16 is too great if a price for a shade you won’t even use daily then you might want to go for its dupes.

mac retro dupes

# MAC RETRO vs. Wet N Wild Spiked With Rum

The only dupe for me such was perfectly on point.

The other dupes that I looked up were all a shade lighter or darker but WNW has pulled it off beautifully…

For a super economical price of just $2 this is just the lipstick you might want to try out with little expense on your pocket…

Stays for 4 hours after which a reapplication is necessary

mac retro dupes

Image Credit : pinterest

# MAC RETRO vs. Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish 112

Now I wouldn’t go ahead and call it a perfect dupe since there is a significant difference between both.

Rimmel doesn’t really make it to the point but it still qualifies as a possible dupe for Del Rio.

Price of $6 isn’t too much for a likeable dupe.

mac retro dupes

Image Credit : ebay

Others who are looking for the same shade in Mac can also try out Mac Del Rio which is also a possible dupe in Mac for Retro.

If Brown’s are your thing this lovely muted colour will win your heart!

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