MAC Stone Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Stone Dupes: Much as we all rave about reds and pinks and the occasional nudes, we are always on the lookout for something new. As ladies we are never content with the endless shades that we have, instead, we keep wanting more and more. The urge to try out new shades and get new lipsticks is never-ending. The sad part is our pocket money is never-ending, and putting $17 in a lipstick which we won’t even be putting on every day is a bit dicey. Mac Stone, a Brown taupe gray shade is exactly one such shade. You might be spilling your heart all over it but hesitate to spill more than half your pocket money on it. And that’s exactly where we step in with these Lovely MAC Stone dupes to save you beauties from heartbreak
MAC Stone Dupes 4

MAC Stone vs. NYX 1000 Years
MAC Stone Dupes 2

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MAC Stone Dupes 1

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Now this one though is a damn close match. The trouble? It’s a lip pencil! So if you are okay with the effort, then I suggest you rather go for this!It’s light on your pocket and bang for your buck 😉

MAC Stone Vs NYX Maison

NYX has successfully mimicked this gorgeous color, but only up to some extent. Maison is slightly more on the brown side, unlike the Stone which has a shade of gray to it. This is the only minute difference between the two. However, I think it’s a great shade for starters who aren’t really sure about the gray tone. Maison is slightly warmer as you can see in the swatch. It comes with a matte finish and still feels moisturizing.

MAC Stone Dupes 3

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Actually, you get a similar look of MAC Stone in ABH Sepia and Colored Raine Soul + Marshmallow. But they are in the same or higher price range so no point mentioning them as dupes 🙁

MAC Stone Dupes (3)

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This shade will suit you well if you are a little tanned or wheatish and for the fair ones, it’s never a fail…But I always believe that it’s not the skin tone but the confidence in us that makes a color a fail or holy grail!

MAC Stone Dupes

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So are you confident of stoning everyone with these dupes?

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