Maybelline Hyper matte Liquid Liner Review

by Vani Saxena
3 minutes read

Starting from the matte lipsticks and now to the matte eyeliners, Maybelline has always come up with something new in the cosmetics market.This Maybelline Hyper matte Liquid Liner  is under scrutiny today.
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Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner Review

Basic info 

Liquid eyeliner which defines your eyes and gives you a super black matte finish.


Rs. 325 for 3 grams.

How to Use?

Shake the bottle well before using.
Twist open the applicator and apply the liner on your eyelids starting from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer one.

My Experience with the Maybelline Hyper matte Liquid Liner

Since I’m always excited to use the stuff introduced by Maybelline, so there’s no question of missing out this one!
The liner is buttery smooth to glide on and very easy to apply!
A single swatch on my eye and there I am with an intense black look. It makes my eyes look catchy. I need not wait for minutes for letting it dried up either. It settles down soon as I finish applying it.

It stays up to 10 hours in my case. It doesn’t smudge nor messes up. I initially had trouble while applying a winged liner, but I got used to this and now I love the feather touch applicator.

Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner Review 2

Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner Review 3

  1.  Smooth and a Fluent Application.
  2.  Smudge-Proof and Heat-Proof.
  3.  Defines your eyes by giving you a complete black matte finish.
  4.  Easily Available at all the nearby drugstores.
  1. The 24-hour stay factor is vague. The liner begins chipping off soon after 11-12 hours.
  2. 3 grams for 325 bucks is a less quantity.
  3. May react to sensitive skins.
Overall Would I Repurchase and Recommend?

Surely! I’ll go for this again since I find it really easy to apply 🙂
a product worth a try!

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Meghal January 29, 2018 - 1:03 PM

Good review

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How do you get that perfect wing?? I always mess up 😥
Nice review :love