Maybelline White Stay UV Fairness Compact Powder Review

by Sahiba Singh
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Maybelline has always been my go to brand and my first preference when it comes to trying and exploring new products, as the products are pocket friendly and efficient.

We all know having a compact/ face powder in the right shade is just as important and essential as any other beauty product. And so in today’s post I will be reviewing Maybelline white stay UV fairness compact powder in the shade “natural”.

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Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder Review


What is it and who it for:

This is a light weight compact powder that gives you an even toned looking skin and covers blemishes and flaws and also has long lasting stay power and is available in 5 different shades and so one can certainly find the shade that suits and matches their complexion and skin tone.

For girls looking for a durable and cheaply priced compact. This product is certainly for you. 🙂





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Sensitive skin alert






What Does the Brand Claim about Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder?

The brand claims the product to be a compact powder which is easy to blend and is long lasting and curbs excess secretion of oil and thus makes your face looks less oily and makes it look fresh and clean.  The brand claims that the compact provides sun protection and prevents it from darkening as it has SPF 18. The brand claims it to be suitable for all skin types and claims that it consists of vitamin c that helps in achieving a flawless and even looking skin. It is a dermatologically tested product that doesn’t cause any allergy and wouldn’t clog your pores.


Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder Review 3


How to use:

The compact comes in a nice and sleek container which has a puff along with it, which makes it application easy.

You just need to swipe the puff onto the powder and then dab and apply and blend it evenly onto your face focusing on T-zone, i.e., the forehead, nose and chin. And apply it evenly.


Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder Review 4


My Experience with Maybelline White Stay UV Fairness Compact Powder

I absolutely love this product; this is a blessing in disguise for people with oily skin as it is an oil free powder and doesn’t clog my pores, didn’t cause me to break out, controls excess oil and actually does last really long and also provides sun protection

The compact is such a beauty! It is so light in texture and is such that it easily blends with the skin and doesn’t form any chalky/cakey/white layer on my face. It just spreads evenly and stays there for long hours. In my opinion this product is a must have. This product is best for summer/humid, where most of the makeups products tend to fade away and drips off because of sweat and humidity, this one doesn’t.


Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder Review 5


It stays in place and doesn’t fall. It makes my face look even toned and covers minor blemishes and gives me a radiant and fresh looking skin.

It didn’t clog my pores or caused any break out, though I don’t use it daily but whenever I have used this compact, it has never disappointed me.

It certainly does live up to the brands claim. And the best thing is it is available in 5 shades and one can certainly spot the right shade.


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Positives of Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder

  • Cheaply priced
  • Easily available
  • Has 5 different shades to offer
  • Is an oil free powder, which is a plus point for people with oily skin?
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Light in texture
  • Provides moderate coverage
  • Lets your skin breathe, doesn’t cause you to break out
  • Blends well with the skin
  • Long lasting and provides sun protection as it has SPF18
  • Doesn’t clog pores and is dermatologically tested
  • Gives a fairer and even toned skin
  • Gives your face a radiant glow
  • It doesn’t have any odor/smell
  • Has a puff and an inbuilt mirror which makes it a product which can be used on the go and is really a travel friendly product


Negatives of Maybelline White stay UV Fairness Compact Powder

  • Doesn’t provide heavy coverage
  • Might need reapplication


Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

Yes, definitely. It is a great product and is so decently priced and has a lot of benefits to offer 🙂


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