L’Oreal X Tenso Hair Mask Review

by Ragini Masanta
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L’Oreal X Tenso Hair Mask: Your hair is your best accessory. Beautiful hair makes you look beautiful. For this just shampooing your hair is not enough. That’s why; conditioners are applied on the hair after shampooing. This detangles and improves the texture and condition of the hair. Here is the review of a hair masque or conditioner, X-tenso care straight by L’Oreal Paris.X-tenso care has a technology of anti-breakage and anti-dryness. It also softens and reinforces the hair fibers that help in the straight appearance of the hair.

L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Hair Masque Review 2

Basic Information about L’Oreal X Tenso Hair Mask


Rs: 675 for 196 ml or 196 g.

Is it natural or organic?

It has botanical extracts along with chemicals.

L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Hair Masque Review

L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Hair Masque Review 1

How to use?
  1. After shampooing the hair apply the conditioner or masque to the towel-dried hair along the length. Gently massage it and leave it for 3-5 mins. Rinse thoroughly. Make sure conditioners are not to be applied on the scalp. Rinse with cold water.
  2. This can be used as and when needed.
  3. Things to keep in mind.
  4. Hair masque or conditioner is not to be applied on the scalp. They separate the hair strands from each other in order to make it frizz-free, and when applied to the scalp can cause hair fall.

My Experience with L’Oreal X Tenso Hair Mask

The masque has a thick texture. That makes it difficult, in the consistently application of the product throughout the hair length.

A small amount of it is enough for one-time use. The immediate result of the mask is great. It gives the hair a gorgeously shiny and straight appearance. It also turns your hair very soft. It does a fab job of giving hair good volume.

Still, for the price, the product is not that great.

The hair gets tangled within 4-5 hrs. Its effect doesn’t even stay for a day. Hair is back to its poor, tangled, and dry condition. The shine vanishes soon along with the temporary straightening effect that it has.

It has a nice creamy fragrance that stays for a day or two unless you have a very oily and sweaty scalp.

L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Hair Masque Review 3

Overall performance of L’Oreal X Tenso Hair Mask

  1. Nice and rich consistency
  2. It has a creamy fragrance that stays day long, keeping your hair smelling great
  3. It protects hair from
  1. Hair gets tangles after a few hours
  2. Temporary effect
  3. Quantity is very less compared to the cost.
Overall would I repurchase/ recommend it?

Not worth the money. Its effect is temporary at best. So if you have dry and damaged hair and are looking for a miracle product- this DOES NOT make the cut.

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Paneeni March 25, 2017 - 1:14 PM

I have dry wavy hair and it means this product is a straight away no for me… Thanks for letting me know