L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Shampoo Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Shampoo : Lovely flowing tresses have forever been in. There is nothing old fashioned about beautiful long straight hair. While some of us may prefer curls while others may be dying for the straight hair look.
So until recently, I decided to shun my curls and get my hair all straightened and smoothened out and the results have been great so far.
Getting a hair treatment done is no biggie but what matters is how well are we looking after our hair after the treatment and the kind of shampoo and conditioner we use plays the most important role.
So if you have hair that you got straightened and are wondering which products to use then this L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Care Shampoo might do the trick.

L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Care Shampoo


INR 575 for 230 ml

My Experience With L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Shampoo


the shampoo comes in a straight white slim bottle with silver and metallic blue designs over it and has a small opening with a  flip top that quite travels friendly. I keep carrying it around ever since I got my treatment done.


The shampoo is white in color and runny not very thick. It is clear milky white in color devoid of any sparkles.


oh, the fragrance. This is the best part of my shampoo day for me – the fragrance ladies! It smells so amazing like some expensive perfume and the best part is I can enjoy the whiffs my hair
keeps throwing at me occasionally because this pretty fragrance is there to stay for good.
I don’t think any girl is going to dislike it. It’s a very pretty, beautiful and not at all overpowering fragrance that I’m in love with.


Before I tell you something about this product I would like to tell you guys that I got my hair smoothening done from L’Oreal itself so they recommended this shampoo to me along with its conditioner and serum – all of which belong to the same x-Tenso range. You would need around two spoonfuls of this product to create a good lather. I need the same amount and I have waist length hair.
It creates a good lather and yet feels incredibly light at the same time. I usually just lather and rinse it off quick. I don’t let the shampoo sit on my head for long.

L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Care Shampoo 3
It has given me great results. I have noticed a great difference in the hair fall and it claims to have an anti-breakage formula as well which I guess does work and live up to the claim because I hardly see
hair on my comb anymore. Also, I have frizzy dry hair so if I use just the shampoo it makes my hair super dry and they seem to fly in all directions so I recommend the conditioner follow up for people who have treated hair. People who have naturally dry hair like some of my sisters claim that it does liven up the hair and reduces dryness as well.
I use it twice or thrice a week as appropriate and I’m in love with the product.


  1. Lathers well
  2. Ahhh-amazing fragrance
  3. Controls dryness and makes hair less frizzy
  4. Reduction in hair fall
  5. Travel-friendly
  6. No parabens
  1. A bit pricey
  2. You need a good amount to lather well

My Recommendation

Well I’m in love with it and this is my second bottle already that is nearing its end too. GO and TRY it

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Smriti August 18, 2017 - 10:38 AM

Very well articulated..

Sreeparna Ganguly August 18, 2017 - 2:21 PM

I have seen this one in reputed salons. Seems like a nice product.
Nice review as always :balleballe