Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter Review

by Sone
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Oh the long ways, aisles and website carts I have scouted for the elusive chocolate body cream/lotion. Not a single piece, even a single product till date has been even close to being good enough to be even remotely being called a good chocolate fragranced one.

Well my quest is still on…and I actually am planning to give up on it. If I really need a chocolate fix, I will probably go and sniff the coco powder box. Lame…but it works for me…so whatever :p

I had been eyeing this Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter for a long time now. I tried to find its detailed reviews at many places…finally one place , it was hailed as this wonderful chocolaty delight. I was full on tempted…let’s see, how my experience has been.

Nature's co chocolate mint body butter review

What is it and who is it for?

A nice and thick body butter for combination skin types.


Rs 1295 for 270 ml (earlier packaging 200 ml-same prices)

Sensitive Skin Alert?

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What does the Brand Claim about Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter?

For Oily Skin Slather on this delicious treat. Chocolate has emollient properties that improve the appearance of the skin by making it soft and silky. While Mint stimulates and energizes the senses making skin feel amazingly refreshed. Apply this rich creamy butter onto skin daily. Massage slowly, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients. Reapply as needed to rough or chapped areas. Enjoy the difference!

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How to Use:

Apply on cleansed dry skin, as desired.

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My Experience with the Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter

This body butter used to come in a really awesome classy looking jar. I have the old packaging. The new packaging has more products in it …but I prefer the looks of the older packaging. Naturally, both are quire bulky, so not travel friendly as such.

To be honest, I was expecting something on the lines of the body shop body butters texture wise. I think I had been spoilt by the vanilla and the Brazil nut body butters which had a super crumbly melt in your skin texture. This body butter has a more cream like texture. It spread easily and gets absorbed in a, minute or two.

Nature's co chocolate mint body butter review 4

While going through the ingredients list, I saw cream base as the ingredient. Now that made me a bit unhappy because…cream base is so generic…it can have truckloads of chemicals in it.

The scent…hmmm. Shall I say I have finally given up on choloate? I guess I should. The fragrance is nothing like chocolate mint. It is pleasant, but not chololatey.

As far as the Moisturization goes, this is a pretty good product. It keeps my skin hydrated for the entire day.

Positives of the Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter

  • Hydrates skin well
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Gets absorbed quickly

Negatives of the Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Body Butter

  • Cream base- ingredient list not listed. Claims to be natural but has chemicals.
  • Expensive
  • Does not smell like chocolate mint much

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I will not repurchase this. If you like the fragrance, you may but this 🙂

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Deepsikha September 7, 2017 - 8:18 PM

The Rich Chocolaty brown texture is definitely attractive. Need to try it ASAP!