All You Need To Know About Oxygen Facial

by Devasmita Nath
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Oxygen Facial: Hello, beauties! Hope all are doing fine. This is the month of Diwali and all must be very busy with shopping. And of course visiting the parlor and salon for getting a new look  🙂  So, this Diwali let’s try something new and better. Let’s have good oxygen facial this Diwali! Many of you may be knowing about this and may have also opted for it. So how is your experience? Would love to know. But those who are totally unaware of it or know very little about it please keep on reading to know about this amazing oxygen facial!

Why Oxygen Facial?

Our face is very delicate and we need to take proper care of it. We may use various products to make our face skin better. But wait… Are they all really working? Are your regular facials really able to feed the skin the needed food? Our skin pores are very tiny. The required ingredients contained in many makeup products need to penetrate directly into the skin. They penetrate in the form of molecules. But unfortunately, the large molecular size restricts the penetration and get stuck only on the uppermost layer of the skin. Thus we may not get the better growing and healthy skin that we wish for. Sometimes the large molecules like Hyaluronic acid and collagen (found in many cosmetic products) do not pass through the skin and result in clogged pores.

So what to do? What is the solution? Yes, here comes the role of our Oxygen Facial! The oxygen facial helps to feed the skin with all the required food. I mean, the vital vitamins and other ingredients which are required to maintain healthy and glowing skin. The facial helps your skin to breathe, provides hydration to skin. After you take your oxygen facial, you will see your clean glowing skin. Your creams will start working better.

All You Need To Know About Oxygen Facial

How to take it?

You can visit a good fully equipped beauty salon and parlors. It is hardly a 60-minute process. For better result, try to have at least twice every month. A little bit costly you may feel, but no worries, you are going to get a great result!

What is the process?
  1. Firstly the skin will be exfoliated to remove all the dirt and excess oil from the skin. Followed by mild facial steam which helps to open up the pores.
  2. Airbrush (a small pen-like device) is used to introduce steam of pressurized oxygen directly into the epidermis layer (to the skin pores).
  3. The basic oxygen facial will produce oxygen to the skin. In case, if you want you can also add on and get the vitamin, anti-aging ingredients, etc with oxygen on your face. The oxygen is infused with all these vitamins and supplements.
  4. It is not a painful process. The infusing feels like a blast of cold air on the skin, with mild pressure.
  5. You will get a face and neck massage then, to ensure that the infused oxygen go deeper into the skin.
  6. Then comes the Hyaluronic layering. This is the process of toning and moisturizing the skin, using serum or creams. At last, they usually apply sunscreen. And yup! Your Oxygen Facial is done  🙂
The Benefits!
  1. Restores your old sheen and radiance. Get back your lost blush on your skin.
  2. Say bye-bye to Acne.
  3. Moisturize the skin really well.
  4. No more blemishes.
  5. Help to remove dullness from the skin.
  6. Well-Toned skin.
  7. Get the beauty of Youthfulness with its amazing oxy therapy.
  8. Instantaneous glow.
  9. No irritation syndrome, other such side-effects found yet.

For people having sensitive skin, I would recommend you to consult a doctor first before having this facial. Yes, every good thing has some side effects too. Oxygen facial is costly. And it is said that the effect of oxygen facial lasts hardly from 7-10 days. Also, I won’t suggest you have too many treatments, as the treatment release free radicals into the skin, which means that over-doing it may cause premature aging. The FDA has yet to approve oxygen facials and there is no licensing that is required for its use. It is recommended that you find a skilled and experienced practitioner to have your oxygen facial.

So girls, hope you liked to know about the oxygen facial. Let us know your thoughts about it and also share your experience! Signing off today with all love. Stay healthy and beautiful  🙂

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This post helped to clear lots of my doubt regarding oxygen facials.
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Beverly has these oxygen spas in like bulk?
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