Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balm Red Review

by G Devi
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What is it and who is it for? Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balm is a Moisturizing lip balm with a red tint. Effectively heals chapped lips. No UV protect, advised to us it indoors. Suited for dry chapped lips.


Rs. 200 for 4.8g


How to Use:

Satch your lips twice with the lip balm to give a good tint.

Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balm Red Review 2

My Experience with Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balm Red

It is highly hydrating and nourishing. It has a dual core which moisturizes your lips. It gives a nice red tint to your lips. However, I use this lip balm only indoors. It has no UV Protect [no SPF].  It will heal your chapped lips in 2-3 days. For the initial days, your lips look patchy in the chapped areas. It keeps your lips supple for an hour at max. I need to reapply to again and again.

Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balm Red Review


• Inner core helps to deeply moisturize your lips.

• Heals chapped and dry lips.

• Smooth texture glides easily on the lips.

• Decently pigmented for a lip balm, a nice red tint.

• No shimmer.

  • Patchy for chapped areas until it heals
  • Last for an hour at max.
  • No SPF
  • Expensive
Overall would I Repurchase and Recommend?

No, it is a good lip balm, intensely moisturizing and nourishing but nothing unique about it. The main drawback is lacked SPF, which is very essential these days. There are a bunch of lip balms from other brands with UV protection and a choice of tints for almost the same price range.

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