Nykaa Peaches and Cream Paintstix 04 Review

by Khushboo Tedlapu
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Nykaa Peaches and Cream Paintstix  lipstick is for those looking for an apricot shade lipstick.


3.5 grams for Rupees 425, which is quite expensive 🙁

Nykaa Paintstix Peaches and Cream 04 Review 1

How To Use It?

Swipe it on and get the look! Naaahhhh… I was just kidding 😛 The lipstick doesn’t really have a matte finish. So before you apply it, give your lips an outline with a lip liner. Maroon or brown lip liners would go well. Wondering why I haven’t included lip balm in the beginning of the procedure? Well, as stated before this product has ingredients like petroleum jelly and shea butter which will moisturize your lips. So if you apply lip balm too, your lips will end up very very glossy and I you don’t want that do you?

My Experience with Nykaa Peaches and Cream Paintstix 04:

Nykaa Paintstix Peaches and Cream 04 Review 3

The first time I applied it onto my lips, the smell made me linger. It had a peachy smell. My tongue really wanted to taste it but I told it not to 😛 It perfectly glided on my lips just like butter on a hot pan. Just one stroke did all that it has to. So a thumbs up in ‘Extensive color intensity’ box. Let me tell you something now; if a lipstick consists of petroleum jelly and it promises matte finish, then it is surely fooling you. The lipstick first appeared glossy to me but after 15 mins or so, it ‘kind’ of gave me a matte finish. It wasn’t perfect though. So I am not really satisfied with the matte finish but it did moisturize my lips. I really wanted to see if it lasted long or not. So I left it for the rest of the day. But to my sorrow, it dint even last for 2 hours 🙁 and that forces me to give thumbs down in the ‘Super long wear’ box 🙁

Nykaa Paintstix Peaches and Cream 04 Review 4

  1. Lovely fragrance
  2. Extreme color intensity
  3. Glides effortlessly on lips
  4. Moisturizes your lips
  5. Soft consistency
  6. Existence of natural ingredients
  7. Soft and light formula
  1. Poor on matte finish
  2. Smudges easily
  3. Doesn’t last long
  4. Expensive
  5. Isn’t water proof
Overall Would I Repurchase or Recommend 

I wouldn’t really recommend or repurchase. Instead of buying Nykaa paintstix worth Rupees 425 that promises me matte but fails to satisfy, I would like to get Maybelline super stay 14-hour lipstick that gives me perfect matte finish and is available for Rupees 430 only(3.3 grams). But if you really want to try Nykaa paintstix peaches n cream 04, you can order it from the following website

Glossy Polish Verdict:


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