Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel Review :Ever since I have used Nivea Powerfruit Shower Gel I have a pre-formed opinion that the other variants are just as nice :PI know some of them might not be but then I have heard a lot of good stuff about their shower gel range and I couldn’t wait to try out the other variants so I decided to go ahead and pitch in for Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel. Read on to know why I’m happy that I predicted all the right things for this one 🙂

Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel

Price and Quantity

INR 199 for 250 ml

How To Use
  1. Soak a loofah in water.
  2. Pour a coin-sized amount of shower gel onto it.
  3. Work it into a rich lather using the loofah.
  4. Gently rub the loofah over your moist skin.
  5. Rinse off with water.

My Experience With Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel

Packaging- Looove the packaging. I like their bottles the shape of which is quite different from every other bottle you come across. It’s a tall and flat shaped bottle filled with beautiful blue liquid and the bottle looks quite refreshing. It has a flip top which is the best kind of top for me.

Texture and Consistency- The shower gel is in the form of a much runny gel and flows out quite nicely. It looks light blue when in the hand in minimal quantity but bright blue in the bottle.

Fragrance– Oh my the fragrance is just so pretty! It smells like flowers but then there is a tangy scent to it. It’s like the best of both worlds of fragrances to many girls out there as we all love the floral smell and the lemony citrus scent too.

Experience- There are many reasons to love this shower gel and I am quite happy with my purchase. The bottle for one simply calls you for a bath it’s just so bubbly and blue. The shower gel needs to be poured out in a coin-sized amount. Just a nominal amount is needed to create a good lather. The lather is light too not the creamy types and you can foam up to create a nice fluffy amount that cleanses well. It takes off the dirt and grit nicely off you leaving the skin quite fresh. You might need to go for second helpings in between the shower so the flip top somehow makes it easy. I don’t use a moisturizer and you can safely skip it if you have normal or oily skin as the gel doesn’t dry out your skin. The small yellow beads give a beautiful look to the gel but they aren’t gritty so there was no exfoliation factor there.

Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel 2

Pros -
  1. Doesn’t dry out the skin
  2. Lathers well
  3. Easy packaging
  4. Lovely fragrance
  5. Affordable
  6. Removes oil and dirt nicely
  1. Fragrance doesn’t stay on for long
  2. Second helpings might be needed in between a bath
Would I Repurchase and Recommend?

Yes yes yes I would. I love the fresh fragrance and I think this is one shower gel you all should try once.

Rating- 4.5

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Sreeparna Ganguly November 7, 2017 - 2:45 PM

The scent seems to be alluring..
I am going to try this 🙂
Thanks for the detailed review :good:

Smriti November 7, 2017 - 5:07 PM

Buying this. Great, detailed review. And good pictures.

Deepsikha November 8, 2017 - 8:56 AM

Such a pretty packaging! :love
Going to get this after I run out of my present shower gel!
Amazing review as usual Mallika! :love