Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review: Taking care of your lips is necessary to look good with your favorite shade of lipstick. Dry and chapped lips often look pigmented and the true color of lipstick shade does not show on the lips. That is the reason I like to follow a minimalistic lip care routine on an everyday basis. My regimen consists of only two products; a heavy lip moisturizer and a light and non-sticky one. The heavy lip balm is for overnight lip care and the light formula one I use under matte lipsticks. Today I am reviewing Nivea Fruity Lip Care. This lip balm is a comparatively new inclusion to Nivea’s lip care range. I have had good relationships with Nivea’s colored lip balms before and now it is the turn for this non-tinted one. Read on to know how it fared on my lips.

Nivea Fruity Lip Care Review

Details about Nivea Fruity Lip Care

What is it?

Nivea Fruity Lip Care is a 3-in-1 lip moisturizer that helps to repair dry and chapped lips, gives nourishment to the lips and makes the lips smoother. The amazing strawberry scent is a bonus that you get with this lip balm.

Price- Rs.45 for 10gm
Shelf Life-18 months from the date of manufacturing

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Sensitive Skin Alert?




My Experience with Nivea Fruity Lip Care

Packaging- This lip balm comes in a white plastic tube with a blue screw lid. There is an easy-apply tip at the opening of the tube which makes it possible to apply the lip balm directly on the lips without touching the product. There is no attractive label graphics as such but necessary details are mentioned in the back of the pack. Overall it’s a convenient to use travel-friendly packaging that does not have spillage issue.

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Colour & Texture- This particular variant of lip balm is a tint-free one. It looks like a colorless jelly. Its texture is medium and the formula is not very heavy or sticky. Its density is slightly lesser than Vaseline’s petroleum jelly.

Fragrance- This lip balm has an amazing strawberry fragrance. The smell is almost same as Nivea’s stick form colored lip balm Strawberry variant. The fragrance is very mild and not very long staying.

Experience- I have used at least 2 fruity variants of Nivea’s colored lip balm before. So, I knew what to expect from this lip balm. I can say, this lip balm not only smells like Nivea’s Strawberry lip balm but also feels same on my lips. It has a light formula that does not give greasiness. It spread well on the lips and builds a protective barrier against harsh weather. It heals chaps but for severe cracks, it will take time to bring back the original softness. The formula makes it a great lip balm to use under my matte lipsticks. If used in a controlled amount, it does not decrease lipstick’s longevity just prevents the lips to get all dry and wrinkly when the lipstick starts to settle into drying matte finish. As I am inclining towards matte lipsticks more and more these days, this squeeze tube is becoming an integral part of my lip care collection.

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Overall Performance of Nivea Fruity Lip Care

  1. Lightweight non-tinted lip balm
  2. Non-sticky formula
  3. Strawberry fragrance
  4. Keeps lips soft and prevent chaps
  5. Works great under matte lipsticks
  6. Super affordable
  1. No cons for me!
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I am always in the need of some non-tinted light lip moisturizer to use under matte lipsticks and Nivea Fruity Lip Care satisfies my requirements. So, I will buy another tube of this after I am over with my current pack is over. I will suggest this lip balm to anyone who does not like thick lip balms.


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Deepsikha October 31, 2017 - 2:43 PM

I just bought this one as a part of my winter haul!
Thanks for the amazing review! :love

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Smriti October 31, 2017 - 5:23 PM

Great review. And always a fan of your product swatches

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