NYX Bedtime Flirt Lip Lingerie Review

by Arya Chatterjee
3 minutes read

NYX Bedtime Flirt Lip Lingerie: I have an affinity for matte lipsticks and so liquid lipsticks are the way to go. Since they’re the talk of the town right now all thanks to the infamous Kylie Lip Kit, I decided to buy a more affordable lipstick which would also do the job.

I cannot begin to describe my love for NYX Cosmetics. And since their launch in India, I’ve been browsing through every possible website to get my hands on these lipsticks. I chose to buy mine from Flipkart. Though not exactly cheap, it was a brilliant substitute to the Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K.

NYX Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Review 1


Rs 985

How to Use:

Now, I’ve noticed that liquid lipsticks tend to run a little dry and I advice scrubbing and moisturizing your lips before applying a liquid lipstick. The consistency of this lipstick is wonderful. Apart from being just a tiny bit dry, it’s absolutely magnificent.

My Experience with NYX Bedtime Flirt Lipstick

Day Test:

I wore the lipstick throughout my day and even though I drank my cup of coffee and ate a heavy lunch, only a few flecks of the lipstick came off. It felt a bit dry by the middle of the day but nothing a bit lip balm can’t fix.


The consistency of the lipstick is mousse-like and the shade is ‘everyday’. And by that I mean, it’s a shade you can rock on an everyday basis. It’s office appropriate and not too flashy but doesn’t look invisible as well, which nude’s lipsticks have a tendency of doing.

NYX Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Review 4

Like every other lipstick, this lipstick does require reapplication. One-time applications are a bit too much to ask for. Be realistic here. The applicator is good quality and I must say the smell is absolutely delicious, reminded me of candy.

The lipstick is like any other liquid lipstick I’ve come across but it does hold the trademark NYX quality as well as provides an array of shades to choose from. The lipstick is a little flaky which the downside of most matte lipsticks is. Also, removing the lipstick is a task. The pigmentation is quite strong and it took me a good amount of oil to take it off. But overall I found it quite good. Easy to apply and it didn’t smudge like normal lipsticks do.

NYX Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Review

  1. Day Shade
  2. Easy Applicator
  3. Wonderful Pigmentation – One swipe is enough
  4. Pretty Packaging
  5. Wide range of shades
  6. Light Weight
  7. Long lasting
  1. Dries up the lips
  2. Turns flaky
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Definitely. In fact, I’m going to buy several more shades to try out myself. These nude shades are the way to go.

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Sone January 7, 2017 - 2:50 PM

Awesome review Arya! This shade will look great with a smoky eye look 🙂