Patanjali Body Lotion Cream Review

by Ria Jain
2 minutes read

Today I’m going to talk about a cream that’s been in my bag since it’s been launched, Patanjali Body Lotion.
Like all products of Patanjali, this cream is claimed to be made out of natural ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and saffron which is really healthy especially for sensitive skin.
It’s a must for me. Be it winters or summers.

So have a look at this:

Patanjali Body Lotion Cream Review

So the cream which 100 ml costs Rs 60 which is definitely worth the money

My Experience with Patanjali Body Lotion Cream:


This body lotion comes in a plastic sturdy bottle with a flip top cap. I find the packaging to be very user-friendly and good to use.


It has a very sweet soothing smell and doesn’t feel wrong ever.


I remember the first time I used it on my hand I thought it’s going to be like any other cream and won’t be an effective solution. But trust me; I didn’t have to use the cream for the next day. The flakiness and dryness didn’t reappear. Its creamy texture moisturizes skin really well. It also blends really past with the skin. What I like the most it is isn’t thick and greasy like other moisturizers.

So this cream not only stays in my bag when I’m out but also by the side of my bed so that I can use it conveniently.

Patanjali Body Lotion Cream Review 3

Overall Performance 

Economical and works great!

Would I Recommend It Or Repurchase?

When my skin is not adaptable to changes. I gave the hydra boost to my skin with Patanjali Body Lotion.
It’s definitely a thumb for a recommendation and a repurchase. It’s so economical. Try it and you’ll notice leaving most of your everyday skin moisturizing problems behind.
It works for all skin types.

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