Playboy Super Deodorant Review

by Somdyuti Sarkar
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Playboy  Super Deodorant is suitable for someone, who is in search of an enthralling and long lasting fragrance. The fragrance is moderately strong, which is quite cool and refreshing due to a classic and masculine aroma.


Rs 249 for 150ml/87g

Sensitivity Alert:

It is suitable to all skin types.

How to use the deodorant:


  1. Shake the bottle well, before use.
  2. Now hold the bottle 15cm/6 inches away from body and spray adequate amount of the liquid.
  3. Keep the product away from children.


  1. Avoid using on broken or irritated skin and eyes.
  2. Avoid direct inhalation of the liquid.
  3. Avoid spraying on naked ignition source.
  4. Avoid keeping in temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.

Playboy Super Deodorant Review

My Experience with Playboy  Super Deodorant

The body spray comes in a dark blue and black colored metal bottle, cylindrical in shape that has the official and iconic ‘playboy’ logo of a rabbit in a bow tie that alludes to prestige and a little bit of mystique. The spray mechanism is quite cool and stylish with a rotating cap, black in color that leads to the opening of the sprayer, grey in color. The ‘play’ and ‘stop’ symbols engraved on either side of the opening, guides the user to rotate the cap correctly. The bottle is quite broad that helps the user to hold it firmly during use.


The bottle contains fragrant liquid spray that feels very refreshing and light on the skin. It contains 0% aluminum salts.


It has a very captivating aroma that instantly energizes the user by boosting up his self-confidence and toping up his charisma. It provides 24-hour deodorant protection, and persisting smell, without leaving behind any white marks.

Ease of application:

The cool spray mechanism allows the user to have an easy and comfortable experience while using the deodorant. By applying a little amount of the liquid, the user can enjoy around-the-clock superb smell of the deodorant.


The enthralling smell adds to the charisma of the user’s personality and instantly creates a signature aroma that helps him stand out of the crowd.

My experience:

I have a remarkable experience with New Super Playboy Deodorant Body Spray. Since the time I have started using the product, I never thought of switching to any other deodorant. The amazing aroma keeps me energized and refreshed all throughout the summer season, cutting down any stinky smell.

Overall Performance of Playboy  Super Deodorant

Why did I like it?

  1. Energetic smell.
  2. Long lasting fragrance.
  3. No itchiness and irritation on skin.
  4. Good quality packing.
  5. Stylish sprayer mechanism.
  6. 0% aluminum salts.
  7. Does not contain gas.
  8. Handy and travel-friendly bottle size.
  9. Reasonable and affordable price.
  10. Absence of talc or moisturizer particles.

Why didn’t I like it?

  1. It contains alcohol (citronellol).
  2. The spray mechanism may seem complicated to new users due to the rotating cap.

Will I recommend or repurchase:

I will definitely recommend people and repurchase the product due to its extraordinary aroma and reasonable price. It is also suitable for presenting someone on any occasion. Ever since I have used the product, I haven’t thought of switching to any other deodorant spray.

Rating:  4.7 Out of 5


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