PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap Review

by Sone
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PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap Review: No matter how many body washes I like. Sometimes, say every couple of months I feel soo over body washes and I NEED a good soap. I have tried a lot of pricey handmade and natural soaps. Some have been great, some have been very ordinary.

I read some really great reviews about it online and went ahead and purchased two from the range the goat milk one and the PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap.

PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap 2

Price: Rs 295 for 100gm
How to use the product

Gently Massage the Soap bar on your body while enjoying the pure delight of PureSense Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

My Experience with PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap

This soap comes in a super classy cardboard box. It looks luxurious and you really feel you have splurged into something amazing.

The soap itself has these massage protrusions that are actually quite therapeutic! The scent is mildly that of coconut and is not the board. But nothing amazing that turns your bath time into a spa.

Now comes the downer. This product does not provide ANY moisturization whatsoever. Leave the skin feeling soft.

My skin felt dried out the whole time I was using it.

That’s something I don’t want from a Rs 295 bar of soap.

PureSense Virgin Coconut Soap 3

Overall Performance of PureSense Coconut Soap

  1. Easily Available
  1. The scent does not linger
  2. Not moisturizing
  3. Expensive
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Nope. There is nothing special about this soap that I don’t get in a Rs 50 soap.


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Sreeparna Ganguly November 29, 2017 - 4:06 PM

Oh! It was a miss..
The packaging seemed very aesthetic to me!!
Nice review :good:

Sone November 29, 2017 - 4:09 PM

thanks! I was just bummed out by this soap, so yes a miss!