Remedies for Cloudy Urine ?

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Remedies for Cloudy Urine: The various physiological processes that help us to stay active produce certain by-products. These by-products are often harmful to our body so they need to be thrown out of the body from time to time. Blood is a type of connective tissue that has access to the majority of our organs due to its flowy nature. Blood collects these wastes from the cells and in the process of blood purification kidneys excrete them from the body in the means of urine. Urine is nothing but a solution containing excess water and unwanted by-products of the body like urea, nitrogen etc. A healthy human being’s urine is a pale yellow liquid. If the urine looks darker or lighter and becomes milky then it is called cloudy urine. Cloudy urine can be a caused by several health concerns like dehydration, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Diabetes, Kidney issues etc. Milky urine might be an indicator of various health issues so it is best to opt for medical help if the problem is troubling you for a period of time. Here are a few quick and easy home remedies that you might help you to treat cloudy urine caused by dehydration or microbial infections.

Cloudy Urine

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# Water is Life

Dehydration is a major cause of cloudy urine. If you are not taking enough amount of water, you are pressurizing your kidneys. It is not at all a good practice since kidney troubles might get quite severe if not handled properly. Dehydration increases urine’s density and changes its color to dark yellow or even orange that sometimes looks scarily cloudy. 8-10 glasses (200ml per glass) of water must be consumed every day to keep the body healthy and the urine free from cloudiness.

# Probiotics are the Way to Go

Probiotics are quite popular these days since they kill the bad bacteria of our body without harming the good bacteria. When you have cloudy urine and other UTI symptoms natural probiotics like buttermilk may work for you. Try a glass of buttermilk per day and you might get rid of cloudiness in your urine in a few days.

# Red-Green Parsley & Tomato Salad

Parsley is high in water content. This particular leafy veggie hydrates the body and increases the amount of urine. The more water to be excreted, the toxins would get flushed out more. On the other hand tomato is packed up with Vitamin C. It inflates the immunity of the body giving our internal system the power to fight back bacteria formation caused urine abnormalities. So remember to include fresh parsley and tomatoes in your vegetable salad and have them twice a day.

# Pineapple or Orange... Which One will You Take?!

Both pineapple and orange juice is full of anti oxidants and Vitamin C. Both of them are quite helpful if you want to decrease the susceptibility of your body to the nasty cloudy urine causing microbes. Start taking fresh juices of pineapple or orange if you sense abnormalities in your urine. 2-3 cups per day would do the trick.

# Have You Tried Garlic-Coriander Tea??

The killer combination of garlic and coriander brewed in a herbal tea might be it for you if you are looking for something to banish cloudy urine problem. Essential oils of garlic and coriander are anti-bacterial in nature. They aids in keeping bacterial infections like cloudy urine at bay. Not only that, untoasted coriander cool down your internals. To make this tea, brew ½ teaspoon untoasted coriander and 1 big clove of freshly crushed garlic in a cup of water for a few minutes. Cool the concoction and drink once a day. You can mix a bit of jaggery to it for better taste.

# Cranberry juice is a Must

Cranberry fruit is said to have natural diuretic properties. The juice of cranberry not only helps in keeping the heart healthy but also aids in fighting the bacteria or virus induced cloudy urine. For this remedy to work, you would have to take 2-3 glasses of fresh cranberry juice per day. If you can’t take the raw juice, you may dilute it with water.

# Baking Soda for Balanced pH

Sometimes the urine loses its pH balance and becomes acidic. This can cause cloudy urine and infections in the urinary tract or bladder. To solve this problem baking soda can be used. Baking soda is an alkaline substance that, when taken in an appropriate amount, helps to balance the pH level. For this remedy, a small spoon full baking soda needs to be mixed with 200ml of water. The drink should be taken once a day for 5-7 days.

# Ginger Juice

Ginger is a bomb herb when it comes to bacteria fighting. This amazing root has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. Fresh ginger gives the best results. Try to take ½ inch raw ginger piece a day to get rid of cloudy urine. If it is not possible you can brew a herbal drink with the same amount of ginger and a tablespoon of honey.

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