Revlon Kohl Kajal Black Review

by Aakriti Chauhan Gandhi
3 minutes read

Revlon Kohl Kajal Black : Kajal is such a staple for Indian girls. Every Indian girl has a kajal. Most of the Indian girls love the kohl eyes. I also love Kajal and since the time I remember I have used only Revlon Kohl Kajal. Though I have tried many time and again but again I end up buying and using this one. I am a big fan of this Kajal. Till the time Revlon will manufacture this product I will buy it. I hope Revlon never discontinues this product because if not this I have no clue about the second best.

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Rs.225 for 1.14gms

My experience with Revlon Kajal

The best kohl pencil I have ever tried. At the first hand, I want you all to know that gel based kohl pencils do not suit my eye. They make my eye very dry which in turn causes irritation and redness.

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It is a wooden pencil which is easy to sharpen and use. The pencil comes with a sharpener which is good for this pencil. Try using this sharpener only to avoid wastage of product. Packaging is simple and fairly good. The cap of the pencil is tight enough and does not open on its own. So it is travel-friendly.

The kohl is a little bit creamy so it is very easy and smooth to apply. It does not dry the eye at all. It does not cause any irritation or redness to the eye. The black color is good…very dark black. The stay is awesome, 8-10 hours.

It is pocket-friendly.

There is only one drawback which is that it smudges a bit which also can be handled. What I do is after applying this on my waterline I just smudge it a bit using my smudger brush and then it never smudges.

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  1. Packaging good
  2. Medium creamy
  3. Smooth in application
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Comes with a sharpener
  6. Stay is good
  7. Travel friendly
  8. Does not dry the eye
  9. Does not cause irritation and redness
  10. Dark black color
  11. Pocket friendly
  1. Smudges a bit but it can be handled

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Would I recommend and repurchase it?

Yes, I will recommend and repurchase the product.

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