Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange Review

by Juhi Sharma
4 minutes read

Hey, girls, today I’m going to review a new launch by santoor. It’s their Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange .It was affordable and I like the packaging when I saw it on Nykaa, so I thought why not give it a try.This is my first purchase from the brand santoor.

Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange 1

Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange

Basic info about Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange

What is it and who is it for?

Santoor Spa Scrub Body wash helps in rejuvenating spa treatment at home.

A body scrub for people who even have dry skin, this scrub body wash is gentle and soft on your skin.

Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange 3


Rs. 195 for 250 ml

Sensitive Skin Alert?


What does the Brand Claim?

Santoor Spa Scrub body wash has the nourishing qualities of Apricot and Orange. Apricot kernel has excellent skin softening properties and helps skin to maintain moisture balance. Orange extracts help skin to moisturize skin and restore skin’s elasticity. Further enriched with microbeads to help exfoliate skin, it retains natural moisture of your skin, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. The Santoor Spa scrub body wash is made for you who believe in a rejuvenating spa treatment at home, every day.

Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange 2

How to Use:

Take a pump or 2 on a loofah and gently scrub on your skin for a smooth and exfoliated skin.

Since it has a low foaming formula; you have to take more pumps to work with it.

My experience with Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange

First of all, I love how this body wash smells. I love the orangey fresh smell of it.The scrubs are not harsh. They glide on your skin smoothly and after wash, it makes your skin smooth and gentle.

This body wash has a low foaming formula.Some claims are true like it smells like oranges, have microbeads for exfoliating, it is enriched with Apricot and Oranges.

I used the body wash the day it arrived. I was really excited to try this out. I was somehow satisfied with the formula; it has a low foaming formula which I didn’t like. I used the loofah to rub onto my skin, and then also there was less foam.After wash, my skin feels smooth which a great point is.

But taking 2-3 drops on a loofah and using all over body doesn’t work. I have to take 5 pumps of product to work with.

This body wash has been included in my everyday regular body wash.

Santoor Spa Scrub Body Wash Apricot and Orange 4


  • A free loofah
  • Smells really fresh and orangey
  • Scrub is not hard, it can be used as a daily body wash
  • Great for dry skin people
  • Gentle on skin
  • Makes your skin smooth after wash
  • Affordable


  • Low foaming formula
  • The scrub is not that good. The scrub is very soft.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend trying this body wash if you love the low foaming formula of body wash. Otherwise, I would not recommend this product for scrubbing.I would not repurchase it because I don’t like its low foaming formula. Also, this works as a scrub but I don’t get enough satisfied.

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Sreeparna Ganguly October 8, 2017 - 10:11 AM

Great review Juhi 🙂
This kind of pump packaging is very convenient; no need to squeeze :haanji

Paneeni October 8, 2017 - 6:44 PM

I just love fragrance of oranges… Nice review ?

Mallika October 9, 2017 - 11:22 AM

Well if a bodywash doesnt foam well and neither does it scrub then its hardly fit for consumption! Il stay away from this bodywash i guess

Nikhita Ferreira October 10, 2017 - 4:42 PM

I like washes that foam up well. BUT…for some reason I feel like this will smell like heaven. And so…im going to buy this only for that reason.