Scalpe Plus Shampoo Review

by Komal Kanojia
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Scalpe Plus Shampoo is for all the people struggling with stubborn dandruff and wants a good solution to it.

Scalpe Plus Shampoo Review

Price: Rs. 256 for 75ml
How to use:

Wet hair and scalp and apply sufficient shampoo to produce enough lather. Massage for one minute and rinse with water.

My experience with Scalpe Plus Shampoo


The product comes in a blue plastic bottle. It has a flip open cap which limits the amount coming out and prevents spillage. It is travel-friendly and comes in a very convenient size. It has all the information printed on the back of the bottle itself.

Colour and texture:

The shampoo is blush pink in color. The consistency is very runny. It can be easily squeezed out of the bottle. It does not form a lot of lather but is enough to clean the scalp.


It has a pleasant fragrance. It is definitely not a medicinal smell. It will linger on for a while. The fragrance is nice like any other shampoo. It would not bother your noses.

Overall Experience:

The shampoo is not harsh on your hair. It does not make it frizzy or rough which a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos tend to do. It eliminates dandruff in one or two washes at max. I know a lot of people who have used this and have seen amazing results from first wash itself. It makes your scalp clean and fresh. It also leaves the hair soft and shiny. People suffering from back acne can also try this out because dandruff also causes pimples. Overall, I really like this shampoo.

What I like about it?
  1. Travel-friendly
  2. User-friendly packaging
  3. Clears dandruff
  4. Pleasant fragrance
  5. Does not make the hair rough
  6. Is prescribed by dermatologists so it’s good and trusted
What I don’t like?
  1. Does not form a good amount of lather
Would I recommend and repurchase?

I will surely recommend this and would love to repurchase it as it is very effective and will help you get rid of dandruff easily.

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