Shahnaz Husain Fair One Plus Fairness Cream Review

by Khushboo Tedlapu
2 minutes read

What Is It And Who Is It For? Shahnaz Husain Fair One Plus Fairness Cream is a cream that promises a comparatively fairer skin in just two weeks. This product can be used by a person belonging to any gender or age.


50 grams for Rupees 75.

Squeeze the cream onto palm and apply it on face and neck. Use this cream twice a day.

My Experience with Shahnaz Husain Fair One plus Fairness Cream:

The cream had a very decent smell. It was more like a flowery smell. The first time I applied the cream to my face and neck, I realized that the cream had a heavy formula. I have an oily skin. So applying this cream, made me look like some ‘Halwai'(confectioner). But I really wanted to get rid of that melanin formation. So I continued using it for a few days. I was much disciplined towards this product. I made sure that I applied it twice a day. To my surprise, the product worked. It did give me even skin tone and each time I applied it, it made my skin glow. This product doesn’t really work as a fairness cream. You see no cream can work so. You cannot really change the color you were born with. This product works great for people with dry skin to normal skin.

Shahnaz Husain Fair One Plus Fairness Cream Review 1


1) Gives an even skin tone i.e., helps reduce melanin formation.

2) Glowy skin

3) Moisturizes skin

4) Pretty smell

5) Natural ingredients


1) Doesn’t make you fairer

2) Heavy formula

Overall Would I Recommend?

Well, I would surely repurchase it. If you are suffering from melanin issues, I would recommend it and would also suggest you to be very dedicated towards it. But let me warn you that it doesn’t work like a fairness cream. You can use it as a moisturizer as well.

NOTE: To all those with oily skin, I am sorry but this isn’t your cup of tea 🙁

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