MAC Snob Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Snob Dupes: Ahh, pretty pinks! Can’t just get enough of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a light pink, a baby pink, a fuchsia pink, a hot pink you just need to have one each in your stack. A girl’s life is just incomplete without pink! When it comes to pink lipsticks it gets us all drooling! And when I say lipsticks I mean Mac lipsticks – those are like the dream lipsticks that every girl wishes to own.

 But getting all the Mac pinks is going to rob us of our money like crazy! So we will still go out and have all the pinks we want by getting these dupes.This particular pink is for the snob in all of us. Yes, MAC SNOB ‘s  dupes are just as Snobbish as can be 😛 Enjoy girlies!

MAC snob dupes 1

   Revlon Pink Pout

**THE** most popular dupe for snob which can be listed as the closest dupe! If you see them up front they look exactly the same, Revlon feels more moisturizing though but if you really look close and deep enough you will notice a slight difference-.snob is a little cooler and Revlon is a hint warmer. So if you have pigmented lips Revlon would be a better option for you. But the difference is so negligible that no one’s ever going to know what you have on – Mac or Revlon? (Wink)

MAC snob dupes 4

Image Credit: makeupandmacaroons

MAC snob dupes 3

Image Credit: makeupandmacaroons

Colour Pop Pony

While the internet is raving over pink pout (Revlon) being the perfect dupe of Mac snob, Colourpop is nailing it for me. Every swatch that I came across was not a hint darker or lighter. On point- that’s what this dupe is. I won’t call it a pretty close dupe at all because it’s exactly the same! No difference ladies! For $5 it’s a really pretty deal. (My personal favorite among the five)

MAC snob dupes 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

  NYX Power

The last dupe for us is the power which has a touch of purple more than snob which restricted me from calling it a perfect dupe. However, it is so close that we can gladly label it as our third dupe for the snob. NYX has forever been known for its buttery texture and power is no exception. It’s the only main difference between snob and power – snob is definitely more drying. Give NYX a try and I’m sure you won’t end up being disappointed!


MAC snob dupes 5

Image Credit: Pinterest

 You can also try Revlon prim rose and Rimmel pink blush which are pretty close dupes too.Grab these dupes and put that nose up in the air girlies- time to act a little snobbish!

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