Sun Poisoning Treatment – Get Rid of that Rash NOW !

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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The sun is the giver of life on earth that we all know. But, the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause several adverse reactions on our health. Harmful sun rays have the capability of darkening and burning our skin. Overexposure to the scorching sunlight instantly reddens the skin and we get annoying itchy sensations. It is nothing but the burning sensation in its minute form. If this irritation persists, we get blisters, rashes and in the most severe case skin cancer. Limiting the sun exposure is the best way-out of this problem in the ideal case but that is not possible for many of us. If you are bound to expose your skin to the sun for long hours after sun care is a must to avoid degradation of the skin. Here are a few home remedies that are simple Sun Poisoning Treatment.

Sun Poisoning Treatment

1 Cold water Treatment

When your skin is poisoned by the harmful rays of the sun, supplying the skin with something cooling should be your first goal. There is nothing like a cold water shower in this matter. Water brings the temperature of the skin down and soothes the burning sensation resulted from the sun exposure. Water rehydrates the skin and calms down the immediate effects of sun poisoning. To get cooled down from within, drink a glass of plain water after 20 minutes of last sun exposure.

2 Cold Milk and Turmeric

If you tend to get sun poisoned easily due to your skin’s sensitive texture or excess sun exposure, never forget to stack your refrigerator with milk. In the time of need take 50ml of cold water and mix 2 teaspoons of crushed raw turmeric in it. Apply the cold refrigerated concoction with a cotton ball and let it get seeped completely. Take a plain water shower after that. You would get relieved instantly.

3 Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is basically a mixture of Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide. It is an excellent skin soother that can be used to heal the effects of sun poisoning. If your skin is reddened, blistered or getting peeled off due to sun damage this lotion would work for you. For this lotion to work you need to apply a thick coat of it on the affected areas in place of the regular moisturizer. You would feel a cooling sensation immediately and the healing actions will start to be noticeable after 4-5 uses.

4 Raw Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an extremely potent herb that has multiple enzymes, vitamins, and anti-oxidants in it. The juice of freshly cut aloe vera works wonders on irritated and sun poisoned skin. It soothes down the itchiness, rashes and gives instant relief. Cut open a fresh aloe vera leaf and apply directly to the irritated and reddened areas of your body. Keep rubbing for 4-5 minutes and let the gel stay there for another 5 minutes. Wash off with plain water and moisturize.

5 Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is, no doubt, an extremely nutritious drink but it also shows amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It has fatty acids in coconut milk acts as a skin conditioner. It helps to pacify the painful blisters rashes and swollen skin caused by extreme sunburns. Apply coconut milk directly on the skin with a cotton ball 2-3 times a day. To get the maximum benefits use it chilled.

6 Lavender & Chamomile Body Rinse

Lavender and chamomile are two herbs that are known for their soothing and healing properties. Make friends with the essential oils of these two to reverse the damage caused by harmful rays of the sun. Take 2 liters of cold water and mix 3-4 drops of both lavender and chamomile oil in it and stir. Use this water as the last rinse after shower every day. You will get odor-free soothed skin in no time.

7 Fennel Seeds

When your skin is severely damaged by sun poisoning, just a few topical coolants would not be able to restore your skin and health. You would need to calm your internals down. Fennel water will help you to get cooled down from within. For this trick, soak 2 teaspoons of un-toasted fennel seeds overnight in a glass of plain water. Stain the water in the morning and ad a bit of jaggery in it. Drink it in empty stomach. You will experience the result in 2-3 days.

8 Cumin-Honey Pack

Cumin seeds are rich in detoxifying substances like Cuminaldehyde, Thymol, and phosphorus. It can cure skin blistering and irritations caused by sun poisoning. To reduce the body heat and sunburns boil 2-3 tablespoons of cumin seeds in 3 liters of water. Cool and stain it. Use this as the final rinse of your shower. To get rid of itchiness you need to make a thick paste of cumin seeds with water and add some honey to it. Apply this to a skin pack and your skin will feel relieved immediately. Wash it off when the pack dries.

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