The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define And No Frizz Creme Review

by Sahiba Singh
4 minutes read

What is it and who is it for The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define And No Frizz Creme is a leave-in hair serum/crème from the body shop. This product helps in controlling frizz and defining. Curls. For anyone dealing with frizzy hair, this hair crème is certainly for you! 🙂

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define And No Frizz Crème


Rs.875/- for 100 ml

How to use:

The product comes in a tube like a container and you just need to squeeze out two or three drops of the product to spread it evenly onto your hair.

The usage is simple. Simple take the quantity desired in your palms and apply it to damp hair after shampoo and just let it stay. It’s a leave of hair crème so you do not have to wash it off 🙂

My experience with The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define And No Frizz Creme

I absolutely love this product. The fragrance of the product is so good. It’s heavenly. Now coming to the product and its efficiency! The product as claimed by the brand does help in controlling frizzy/dry hair and does make my hair feel soft and smooth and in an unpredictable weather where humidity and rain just add to hair woes this product comes handy to your rescue and is actually helpful and effective as it does deeply conditions my hair and provides the much-needed care and keep frizziness and dryness at bay. After using this hair crème my hair feels soft and manageable. The product, however, is not very effective in defining curls.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define And No Frizz Crème 4

The product has a creamy texture and gets absorbed by the hair quickly and forms no residue or looks flakey. The hair crème makes my hair smell heavenly. It smells really good. It is actually soothing! 🙂

For me, this product is a total winner even though it doesn’t live up to the brand claim of it being effective in taming and defining curls as for me the issue is dry and frizzy hair which it completely takes care of! :

  1. Effective in controlling dry and frizzy hair
  2. Makes the hair feel soft, smooth
  3. Smells heavenly
  4. Easily available
  5. Provides protection caused by heat styling
  6. Good product for summer/humid weather as it keeps your hair manageable
  1. Doesn’t tame/define curls completely
  2. Is a bit pricey
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

Yes, if frizzy and dry hair is your problem and you are willing to shell out a good amount of money , then you can definitely try this. It worked for me and would work for you too 🙂

GlossyPolish Verdict:


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Smriti November 13, 2017 - 1:09 PM

One good body shop product after a long time. Nice review.

Sreeparna Ganguly November 13, 2017 - 3:30 PM

The product seems to be interesting. If it could define curls, it would have been a must-buy.

Deepsikha November 13, 2017 - 7:17 PM

Good for Frizzy Hair? Wouldn’t mind trying it then!
Great review! :good: :good: