Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum Review

by Jagriti Verma
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Hello, everyone!

We are women of 21st Century who love experimenting with our hair. Some days we want it to be sleek straight while other days want it to be crazy curly. In this hush life, we are left with no time for taking care of our long tresses. The damage caused to hair due to heat styling products is irreparable and the prolonged application of heat leaves hair dull and dry which eventually leads to a number of hair problems. So, here I review the product of the day to combat a lot of our everyday hair issues, and that is the MATRIX BIOLAGE HAIR SMOOTHENING SERUM.  So here we go ladies!!
Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum


What is it and who is it for?

It is a deep hair smoothening serum which smoothes dry and frizzy hair. It also helps for detangling hair after shampoo because there are very high chances of hair breakage when they are wet.

It is for women who have dry and frizzy hair as well as for those who have little time for taking routine care of their hair.


I got it from a local pharmacy at Rs. 275/- for 100 ml



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Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum 3

What does the Brand Claim about Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum?

Biolage infuses weightless smoothness which controls frizz and dryness of hair while keeping the look natural. It deeply smoothens out the roughness at the end of the hair. It gives protection to hair from humidity and adds shine to the hair without it looking oily and limp. It is infused with a blend of taming polymers, avocado, and grape seed oil. It claims to gently cover hair to control frizz and seal it with shine and luster without giving it an oily look.

It can be found easily at any local pharmacy.

Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum 2

How to Use:

Take a very small amount of serum in your hands and apply evenly throughout the length of your damp hair. Avoid applying it on the roots. Dry or style as desired.

My Experience with Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum

It is a budget smoothening serum and the price is quite reasonable as compared to other hair smoothening serums. It works well for detangling your hair after shampoo as it reduces hair breakage. I use it generally for managing flyway hair. It gives shine and smoothness to hair which makes it really easy to manage your hair throughout the day. It can be applied a number of times in a day and does not make hair limp and oily as it is very light weighted serum. It is a good product for everyday use. The fruity fragrance of the serum is definitely a thumb up.But as the brand stresses on frizz control, it is unable to work wonders for someone who has extremely frizzy and dry hair. Running fingers through my hair smoothly is still a dream! 😀 😀

Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum 1

Positives of Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum

  • Price is quite reasonable.
  • It comes in a handy plastic bottle container which makes it easy to carry in your purses.
  • Fruity fragrance of serum.
  • Only a little amount of product is needed as the serum has a good coverage
  • Lightly weighted serum which does not give an oily and limp look to hair.
  • It gives natural look to the hair.
  • Good for styling hair gives a good finish.

Negatives of Matrix Biolage Hair Smoothening Serum

  • Works average on very dry and frizzy hair.
  • It does not have long stay, requires frequent application.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I will recommend and repurchase since the product is of budget price and it works great for everyday use. A 100 ml serum bottle will last for 3 months if applied daily. If you are not an everyday user and use it only for styling hair on occasions, then it will last longer. The shelf life of the product is 36 months which makes it durable.

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