Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

by Devasmita Nath
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Berina brand is quite good when it comes to hair. It got a lot of products for your hair. However, for dry frizzy hair, we seriously need special care. After all, we all need gorgeously lustrous hair. And thus better to have a product which can also be used on daily basis. The berina super silk hair serum says hair care schedule is incomplete without using a good hair serum. Is it really so? So let’s find found what Berina got for us in hair serum department.

Hi girls, hope you all are doing fine. So today’s review is on Berina Super Silk Hair Serum.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review 1

Basic Info about Berina Super Silk Hair Serum

What is it for and who is it for?

A hair serum which helps to keep your hair soft. Works as a detangler. Removes the frizziness, adds to hair shine. It is meant for all, especially if you have dry hair, a serum is a must.


MRP:- 280, for 100 ml

Sensitive skin alert?


Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review 2



What does the Brand Claim about Berina super silk hair serum?

It claims to provide gorgeously lustrous hair. It comprises of selectively chosen Jojoba Seed Oil that provides hair an extra shine and an overall glowing experience. The product protects hair from the excessive heat and damaging sun rays. Provides lustrous shine and awesome soft feel. The styling and glossing serum is carefully formulated and is perfect to be used even on daily basis. If used regularly it also prevents split ends along with providing a long lasting gloss.

How to use:

The hair serum comes in a plastic bottle. Though the bottle is transparent, you will get all pinky look. It has a dispenser like all other bottles. It got a cap. The top part has to be pressed to get the required quantity out, after opening the cap. It releases the right quantity as required. After cleansing your hair with shampoo, take the required amount and apply gently all over the hair.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review 3

My Experience with Berina Super Silk Hair Serum

Texture- The serum is transparent and has light consistency liquid. It is not greasy like other most of the serums. After the application of the serum, it gets absorbed in the hair after a while. You need to take more amount to get a better result. My hair gets softer after application. I do not have very dry frizzy hair. So the product is fine for me

Fragrance- The fragrance is bit strong and not that pleasant.

I use the product after my head wash. It makes the hair smooth and shiny. A decent product to use during summer as it is light in nature. It keeps my hair tangle free. For better result, you should use it regularly.

Berina Super Silk Hair Serum Review

Overall Performance of Berina Super Silk Hair Serum


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Good packaging, travel-friendly.
  • Non-greasy
  • Light, good during summer
  • Contains jojoba oil
  • Can be used on daily basis



  • Fragrance is bit strong
  • Need more quantity for better result
  • Not preferable for people with extra dry frizzy hair.
  • The claim about prevention of split ends is not true.


Would I recommend?

The product is fine for people who are not having very frizzy dry hair. It is light and so does not flatten hair. It makes my hair smooth and soft. I like it because it is nongreasy and thus goes fine with my hair. With many other products, I have used so far, I had a problem with the greasiness. The hair volume would look decreased. But with this product, it is not so. Although I would not recommend it to the people with very much dry frizzy hair.


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Thank you very much ?

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Hey nice description of the product! By the way, Habib’s hair serum is comparatively better than this but it costs more!!

Devasmita Nath June 17, 2017 - 12:43 PM

Okay I will try the habib’s serum….. As suggested by you! ☺️?

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The name is so cute. Berina… So nice..

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