Livon Serum Review

by Sahiba Singh
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Livon has been in the market for more than 7-8 years and has been one of the most liked hair serum as it is cheaply priced and is easily available. This hair serum was introduced back when I was in school and since then it has been there holding a strong position amongst other leading brand’s hair serums.

This serum helps in making hair feel soft, smooth and manageable! 🙂

In today’s post I will be reviewing the Livon hair serum.

Read to know more about it.


Livon Serum Review


What is it and who is it for?

It is a hair serum, which makes your hair feel soft, smooth and manageable. And is ideal for daily use

This is a must have product for everyone.


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Rs.49/- for 20ml


Sensitive skin alert:






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What Does The Brand Claim About Livon Serum?

The brand claims the product to be a hair serum which is enriched with vitamin E. the brand claims the product to be effective in controlling frizz and making hair look smooth and glossy but adding a healthy shine to it. The brand claims the product to be effective in detangling hair and reducing hair breakage. It claims it to be ideal for daily use and it is a non-greasy/oily product.


How to use:

The serum is easy to use. After shampooing and conditioning, you can generously apply this serum onto damp hair, along the mid lengths and ends.


My Experience with Livon Serum

I have been using Livon serum from the time it was introduced. It been over 5 years and this product has always stayed and has had a special place of its own. Livon hair serum is a great product.  If you have dry hair or frizzy hair then this product is a must. As it provides additional moisture to your luscious locks and makes sure frizz is kept at bay.


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I use this product after washing my hair, I apply this serum onto damp hair and let it air dry. This serum actually softens and soothes hair and doesn’t leave any residue. Also it has a pleasant fruity smell which lasts and lingers on for quite a while and makes my hair feel and smell fresh. It detangles the hair and reduces the unnecessary hair breakage.

The texture of the product is good. It is not very runny. And gets absorbed and spread very easily and evenly. This is a serum which is very light weight and leaves no residue on the hair or doesn’t form any layer. It is a transparent solution.

This product in my opinion lives up to all the claims made by the brand and hence is a total winner for me. It can be used daily and it is a non-greasy or oily product which makes my hair feel soft and gives them a healthy shine. It also makes them manageable and frizz free and hence prevents unnecessary hair breakage.


Positives of Livon Serum

  • Easily available
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Effective in controlling frizz
  • Makes hair a lot more manageable
  • Softens and smoothens the hair, adds a glossy shine
  • Detangles hair and reduces breakage
  • Good consistency
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Has a pleasant fruity fragrance
  • Is a non-greasy product


Negatives of Livon Serum

  • None


Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

This is a good product. It is a product absolutely worth having. If frizzy, unmanageable hair is the problem then this is the solution. And not to forget, it is reasonably priced in comparison to other hair serums! 🙂


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priya September 11, 2017 - 10:34 AM

livon making my hair loss it dont works me i dono why???? it makes my hair too thin :bye: :bye: :confused :haanji any solution for this

Sone September 11, 2017 - 10:37 AM

stop using livon immediately then.
If you are facing hair loss try some home remedies first :