MAC Fanfare Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Lipsticks with bold colours have always been a rave on, but for some of the natural colours are the best colours.

For those of you who love to stick to the warmer colours and look natural, these lipsticks dupes might just lure you away

Macs fanfare is a muted, yellow pink colour which is warm and no doubt pretty. It’s a great everyday shade especially if you like to stick to nice natural pinks.

If you don’t plan to spend $15 on an everyday great colour you can also get its dupes.

MAC Fanfare Dupes 2

# MAC Fanfare vs. Colorbar Velvet Matte Thrilling Pink

 DUPE ALERT! Because this one is perfection and beyond.

You will never know which is which.

The colour isn’t just one point, it’s also extremely wearable.

Colorbar is definitely more matte which is good news for matte lovers whereas fanfare is a bit more moisturising.

Other than that there is nothing which can tell the two apart.

Get this perfect dupe for just $4!!

MAC Fanfare Dupes


# MAC Fanfare vs. NYX Matte Lipstick Tea Rose

 NYX has also mastered this lipstick’s colour but it’s just slightly warmer and pinker (something you are never even going to notice) NYX is also slightly more creamer and buttery.

Get this one for $6 and you won’t complain.

MAC Fanfare Dupes 1

IC : luxecosmetics


# MAC Fanfare vs. Rimmel Rose Blush

Blush like a rosy rose with this pretty Rimmel dupe which comes for a price of just $6.

Slightly glossier than Mac but if you don’t like the glossy finish you can always dab the effect away with a bit of tissue.

The glossiness disappears anyway sometime after application.

Another pretty dupe 🙂

MAC Fanfare Dupes 3


So many pinks to choose from!

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